PVP addicts looking for new home

Hey Olivier Enaka!

First and foremost, it’s genuinely exciting to see a seasoned group like yours on the lookout for a fresh journey in New Eden. We at Cryptopia understand the crave for PvP thrills and resonate with your core interests. Here’s why we could be the home you’ve been searching for:

  1. Wormhole Wonders: If you’ve ever felt the allure of J-space, Cryptopia thrives in the unpredictable and exhilarating wormhole realm. Not your average highsec playground; we ensure engagements that keep your pulse racing.
  2. PvP at Heart: We pride ourselves on our active PvP mindset. While the quiet of J-space can be eerie, the ambushes and sudden encounters are heart-pounding.
  3. Balanced Size and Activity: While we’re not a gigantic behemoth, our active and closely-knit community ensures that there’s always something cooking. From roams to deployments, you’ll find no lack of action.
  4. Fun Over Figures: We’re not about killboard stats. We prioritize having a blast in the game. A memorable fight, win or lose, is more valuable than stats!
  5. Skill Galore: Your 10 years of experience, multifaceted skill sets, both in-game and out, and your capabilities in multiboxing would add immense value and firepower to our fleets.
  6. No Drama or Politics: We maintain a cordial atmosphere, and unnecessary drama or political squabbles have no place among us.

We appreciate the discretion with your neutral alt, understanding that transitions in this vast universe can be delicate. The direct approach of seeking a suitable home via a forum post rather than sifting through the clamor of recruitment chat is a wise move!

Olivier, if diving into the depths of wormholes and embracing the unpredictability of J-space sounds like a thrilling next chapter for you and your group, Cryptopia would be thrilled to welcome you aboard.

Feel free to jump onto our Discord at Cryptopia to discuss further and get a feel for our community.

Fly dangerous and looking forward to potential stellar adventures together!

Best regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia