PVP addicts looking for new home


we are some PvP addicts and we are looking for a new home.

We are not looking for:
// Highsec
// Carebear
// Drama
// Tidi Fleets
// New Player Corps
// Killboard Warriors
// Politics

We are looking for:
// Activity
// PVP Activity (not only crabbing)
// Decent Size
// Deployments
// FUN

About us:
// 21+
// 10 years EVE experience
// High skilled (ingame and outgame)
// Multiple Cap & Subcap Alts
// Super Alts
// Suck at FCing
// How many Chars we can Multibox? Yes
// Good English Skills

Why are we posting with a neutral alt?
Our current group once was great but a lot changed during the years. We’re not sure if we want to work on the group again (as Leadership) or just throw everything in the dumpster and join or even create a new one.

Why am i posting a new Topic?
Recruitment Chat is very disappointing.

come have a chat about what we can offer with everything from small gang, to major fleets, and access to cap warfare - join us on Running with Dogs Discord

You can check out or forum ad here:


hi there m8

if you can consider pochven and being part of an independent pvp group see our vid below.

it will give you an idea of what we do :slight_smile:

Come and join our discord channel and lets talk for a bit

Best of luck finding a new home


Look man I dont know if you ever lived in wormholes, will you like it or not stuff like that. Here is what I CAN guarantee you. These guys are profesionals very small and very tight knit corp that is still always in top 10 pvp corps in WH. Top 2 if you go members/kills ratio. Supportive and good guys all around. I would recommend at least checking them out on their discord and talking to Eazy, then its up to you to decide

Good day,

I doubt we will be considered but alas it may be worth a shot as we are looking for more PVPers to hopefully get more content going in the PVP department!

Hyper Meme Industries is a relatively new corporation that is growing. The alliance is very active when it comes to PVP and currently we do weekly roam ourselves if stratops allow. We are hoping to bring this number up as we grow but that entirely depends on the growth and what kind of people we get.

Beyond that in this specific case I think it is easier to have a chat on our discord: Hyper Meme Industries

If you’d like more information please look here: [EU/US] [NS] Hyper Meme Industries: Do stupid stuff responsibly! PVP and Indy focussed corp

Thanks for your time in advance and good luck with your search!


Check us out at Locked and Reeloaded

Think we can cover all of that…check us out and get on touch if your interested.


C2 PVP WH alliance with NS/C5 static!
Have chat with us on discord!

Heya Olivier,

We are currently living in the wild west of the south and have PVP content that is wildly avaliable. If you’re looking for large fleet action, we currently don’t have it, but if you’re looking to smash 20 to 40 man fleets together and be apart of a closely knit SOV holding group, we are probably a good fit. Feel free to join our discord and hit up a recruiter.

If you’re still looking come try us at The Order of Omerta. We’re on the smaller side but are building up a fine pvp group. Got a good fc who is helping returning players learn pvp and we are into small/nano gang pvp, blops as well.

We got a great group of drama free older gamers looking for fun.

I deal with politics so my people can play eve.

If interested stop by The Order of Omerta

You might have a look at Thundercats as corporation of The Initiative.

What we offer

» SOV / access to 0.0 (Fountain)
» Highly experienced pilots & FC’s
» Access to all the pvp you could wish for (both small scale and blob/super warfare)
» Corp dreadnaughts
» Supercapital production and Keepstars
» Up to 100% SRP for ship and capital losses on Alliance and Corp level.
» A chance to make new friends
» A relaxed environment

What we are looking for in you

» You must be active (killboard)
» Able to fly capitals
» Self sufficient (we will help you along the way)
» Vocal and willing to use voice coms (Mumble)
» Sense of humour and over 18

What we are NOT looking for

» Trial accounts
» Carebears
» Purchased accounts

That should pretty much be in line, with what you are looking for…

You can join us ingame in the channel ‘Thunderkitty’ or contact the following players ingame:

  • J3mH4d4r (CEO)
  • kinkiwinki (Recruiter)
  • leslie one1 (Recruiter)
  • Minatorra Critchaoo (Recruiter)

Looking forward hearing from you.

fly safe o7

TSSOC has been a round a long time, Great and active members living in a busy area of null. lots to do!

come and check us out

Sent you ingame mail.

Hello Olivier Enaka,

I hope this message finds you and your team well. Your post piqued my interest not just for what you’re seeking, but for the evident passion and dedication to the universe of EVE that radiates from your words.

While Cryptopia may not tick all the boxes you’ve mentioned, let me offer a perspective. We reside in the enigmatic world of wormholes, an environment that’s ever-changing and brimming with opportunities. Our C2 home, with its low-security static, acts as a gateway for unexpected skirmishes and acts of piracy. This dynamic often provides the PvP thrills without some of the drawbacks like tidi fleets or politics.

What Cryptopia offers is a unique blend of J-space adventures, where every pilot, new and veteran, contributes to our shared narrative. Our storied past is testament to our resilience and vision, and we’re always on the lookout for skilled pilots to join our ranks.

We understand the allure of pure PvP and while we’re building ourselves up in this space, the focus is not solely on the thrill of battle. But imagine this: the opportunity to shape a growing wormhole entity, where your expertise and that of your group could become the foundational pillars. You mentioned being unsure about reviving your current group; perhaps in Cryptopia, you might find the inspiration to co-create something that resonates with your vision.

Hop into our Discord [CYPTA] Cryptopia for a no-obligation chat. Let’s explore possibilities. Maybe you’ll find a unique charm in our approach to the game that aligns with your desire for fun and activity.

Whatever you decide, I genuinely wish you the best in finding a place where your group’s passion shines brightest!

Fly safe and, hopefully, we can forge a future in the stars together!

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

The Brass Monkey Syndicate [BMSY], a proud member of the Winter Coalition, is a tight knit group of US TZ pilots that enjoy PVP and Industrial endeavors within sovereign null space.

Whether New or Old. PVP or Industry focused, we want to welcome you to our Team. Grow with us.

What we Offer:

  • Tight Knit group of experienced and novice pilots
  • Access to daily PVP operations
  • Small to medium gang warfare
  • Large/Capital/Super capital warfare via our membership in the Winter Coalition.
  • Ship Replacement Program for Alliance/Coalition fleets.
  • Doctrine ships provided to members for fleets
  • Great Access to Ore/Ice/Ratting
  • Coordinated/Profitable Mining Ops
  • Production Facilities in Sov systems
  • Experienced Leadership willing to help guide you.

What we Require:

  • A sense of humor
  • Financial stability or a willingness to learn the ways of isk making
  • Have a voice, be on comms, discord, mumble…etc
  • Participate in PVP operations.
  • Have fun.

Eve is only as fun as the people you play with, and we try to provide content and an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

In game feel free to message any of the following characters… Shuggington P (main recruiter) or Angus Thunderstruck (helpful minion)

Join our in-game recruitment channel brassmonkeysynd or chat with us via discord by clicking the linky -----> BRASS MONKEY SYNDICATE

Hey Olivier Enaka!

First and foremost, it’s genuinely exciting to see a seasoned group like yours on the lookout for a fresh journey in New Eden. We at Cryptopia understand the crave for PvP thrills and resonate with your core interests. Here’s why we could be the home you’ve been searching for:

  1. Wormhole Wonders: If you’ve ever felt the allure of J-space, Cryptopia thrives in the unpredictable and exhilarating wormhole realm. Not your average highsec playground; we ensure engagements that keep your pulse racing.
  2. PvP at Heart: We pride ourselves on our active PvP mindset. While the quiet of J-space can be eerie, the ambushes and sudden encounters are heart-pounding.
  3. Balanced Size and Activity: While we’re not a gigantic behemoth, our active and closely-knit community ensures that there’s always something cooking. From roams to deployments, you’ll find no lack of action.
  4. Fun Over Figures: We’re not about killboard stats. We prioritize having a blast in the game. A memorable fight, win or lose, is more valuable than stats!
  5. Skill Galore: Your 10 years of experience, multifaceted skill sets, both in-game and out, and your capabilities in multiboxing would add immense value and firepower to our fleets.
  6. No Drama or Politics: We maintain a cordial atmosphere, and unnecessary drama or political squabbles have no place among us.

We appreciate the discretion with your neutral alt, understanding that transitions in this vast universe can be delicate. The direct approach of seeking a suitable home via a forum post rather than sifting through the clamor of recruitment chat is a wise move!

Olivier, if diving into the depths of wormholes and embracing the unpredictability of J-space sounds like a thrilling next chapter for you and your group, Cryptopia would be thrilled to welcome you aboard.

Feel free to jump onto our Discord at Cryptopia to discuss further and get a feel for our community.

Fly dangerous and looking forward to potential stellar adventures together!

Best regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

We are available for your interest and a chat.

PvP-focused, multiboxing & deployments without the shackles of the blobs & TiDi? Look no further, my friends.

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