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About the Corporation

Order of the Eclipse is a PvP-centric, small to medium fleet, deployment-based and selective corporation in Curatores Veritatis Alliance. That’s a lot of fancy words, but what do they mean?

  • :boom: Our PvP-centric nature means that we put success in our combat strategy at the forefront of everything we do. That doesn’t mean we don’t engage in revenue-generating activities, but given the choice between heading off an intruding gang and cracking asteroids, we reship and fight.
  • :family_man_girl_boy: We engage mostly in small-to-medium fleet combat. Our fleets are anywhere between 5-10 people in a gate camp and 50-60 for strategic objectives. We do not have diplomatic standing to any of the major powers and we like to keep it that way.
  • :luggage: We are, at heart, a deployment-based corporation. This means that when the homeland is secure, we engage in regular deployments elsewhere in New Eden. These are usually open to OOTE & select friends, and are not alliance-wide functions.
  • :student: We are selective, this means that we look for people who want to be more than a cog in the machine. There are a lot of corps for people who just want to anchor and press F1. If you’re interested in leading fleets, spying on enemies, multiboxing, using capital ships and/or seeking the next engagement, we’re for you.

What You Can Expect

We can offer everything you’ll need to keep yourself in the fight:

  • :crossed_swords: Plenty of content close to home, or deployments to get closer to it. We’re also in Amarr militia and have access to content in the war zone.
  • :speech_balloon: A very active and friendly community on Discord & Mumble.
  • :bank: An established corporation in an established alliance, with activity across EU & US timezones.
  • :articulated_lorry: Regular shipping services from Jita & Amarr to our nullsec staging system, and an out-of-alliance wardec immune alt corp for your highsec alts.
  • :man_teacher: The skills & knowledge necessary to become the contributor you want to be.
  • :firecracker: A short blues list and a target-rich environment.
  • :money_with_wings: Comprehensive ship replacement program for strategic losses.
  • :pick: We have well-defended sov null space, with IHub upgrades for ratting, best exploration sites in the game (Sansha), full industrial structure setup & R32/64 moons every day.
  • :imp: NBSI rules of engagement, you can shoot anyone who isn’t blue. CVA isn’t NRDS any more and hasn’t been for years.

Our Requirements

You may assume that these requirements would make us elitist. However, we’re much more interested in your commitment and attitude than your 300m SP. Our requirements are:

  • :hourglass_flowing_sand: You have time to play, be social on Discord & Mumble, and be active in game — real life comes first but if you don’t fly with us, why be in a corp?
  • :handshake: You will join on your main, this is not your alt-corp for when Goons have some downtime.
  • :world_map: You should speak fluent English, have a working mic and be active between 18.00 and 03.00 (you don’t need to be on for all of this time, but these are our most active times).
  • :hammer_and_wrench: You’re looking for a role beyond F1 monkey, you don’t need to be experienced but you need to be willing to learn.
  • :busts_in_silhouette: You should have at least two Omega accounts & be willing to train hauler, dictor & dread alts.
  • :bus: You’re willing to train alliance & corp doctrines.
  • :skull_and_crossbones: You have at least 50 kills on your PvP main, ideally in the past year.
  • :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: You’re not going to cause a bunch of drama, and don’t have a thin skin.

Like any respectable nullsec corporation, we require access to your ESI data to perform standard background checks.

What Next?

Does Order of the Eclipse sound like the corp for you? If so, join us on Discord and read the #join-us channel. Feel free to hang around, get to know us, and ask questions.

You can also check out our zKillboard, EveWho, and DotLAN.

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All the fun of fleet fights with none of the blue balls & TiDi? Sign us up.

1 jump from staging btw.

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Still recruiting!

Bump! Recruiting still!

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Order of the Eclipse

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