🪐 | TRI | Order of the Eclipse is recruiting PvP pilots

Who are you guys?

Born out of the ashes of the Total Eclipse alliance, Order of the Eclipse is an EU/US TZ, PvP-focused, tight-knit group based in Triumvirate alliance.

We’re not the F1 monkey corp. You’ll find us pinging fleets, organizing caps, flying cynos, running links, anchoring logi, doing recons, running intelligence and otherwise ensuring that operations go to plan. There are a million n+1 corps in every alliance, but we aim to be the force multiplier on whatever grid we’re involved in.

Because of this, we attract active pilots who want a deeper understanding of the game. We range from newer to more experienced pilots, but the hunger is there for all of us.

Why should I join you?

Because you’re tired of running a TFI in a fleet of 400 TFIs, taking a titan bridge and then 7 Ansiblexes to get into a 10% TiDi slugfest if you’re lucky and get blueballed if you’re not. You’re bored of dread fights that don’t happen, of having a CEO who doesn’t log in and probably doesn’t even know your name, and of having to climb the greasy pole to be able to actually do anything in your alliance.

You want to be a part of the operation. Whether your goal is to FC, to fly important roles, to build things, to be in the room where the discussions happen, to improve your mechanics, to be a spy, to import things onto the market, to dominate small gang grids or to multibox 4 caps in a dread brawl, you’ll be surrounded by other people who think like you do.

And if you’re not there yet, you’ll be surrounded by people who have been there and done it, and can help you to reach your goals.

What do I need?

Good question, and the answer is that you don’t need to have been playing since 2003, a titan alt, or a 99% zKillboard efficiency (though you are very welcome if you have any or all of the above). We look for:

  • A good attitude
  • A working mic
  • Killboard activity (ideally at least 1,000 kills, but don’t be put off applying if it’s a little less)
  • Two Omega accounts
  • The ability to fly useful PvP ships (ceptors, dictors & bombers at a minimum)
  • Time & desire to play with the corp

I’m ready to join!

Does Order of the Eclipse sound like the corp for you? If so, join us on Discord and read the #join-us channel. Feel free to hang around, get to know us, and ask questions.

You can also check out our zKillboard, EveWho, and DotLAN.


All the fun of fleet fights with none of the blue balls & TiDi? Sign us up.

1 jump from staging btw.

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Join us, where there is never a dull day!

Still recruiting!

And back up.

Bump! Still looking for som cool cats to join us!

Bump looking for pilots that don’t mine leaving the comfort of home for fun adventures

Still recruiting!

Bump! Recruiting still!

Come fly with us!

Bumperino looking for cool dudes to fly with! Join today!

Want to have fun outside of blue doughnut control? Join us!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Looking for a family in EVE, join us!

Order of the Eclipse

Bumperoo Join us

Come fly with us, let’s fly away

Still recruiting.

I’m just returning to Eve and have not done a lot of pvp but willing to learn and looking to join a corp interested in FW

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