Order of the Eclipse [CVA] | Seeking Experienced Combat Pilots (EU/US)

Order of the Eclipse

Order of the Eclipse is a leading corporation within Curatores Veritatis Alliance, and is recruiting combat pilots to write the next chapter in CVA’s story.

Our Story

Few alliances can boast a storied history dating back to before Alliances were recognized in New Eden, with over a decade of holding sovereignty in one of the galaxy’s most bloodthirsty regions, nearly 500,000 confirmed kills, and immortalization within the official records. Few alliances are CVA.

After two years out in the political wilderness, we are returning to our Amarr loyalist roots, rejoining the Imperial militia, and making our presence known again in our ancestral home of Providence.

Corporate Ethos

Our Corporate values are contribution, collaboration, and communication. If you’re looking for an anchor-and-F1 corp, there are better fits. If you’re looking for an engaged corp where you can contribute, lead, and learn, you’re in the right place.

Order of the Eclipse is at the vanguard of CVA’s combat capabilities. We run regular roaming gangs, gate camps, and strategic operations within the alliance. We also attend public NPSI fleets with organizations like SpectreFleet and Bomber’s Bar, benefiting from CVAs independence from the major blocs. We are a proactive Corporation. When we’re not on fleet, we look for timers to get involved with, scan wormholes for projection, and do the logistics work to enable future fleets.

We are not – and do not intend to be – a casual numbers-based organization. We excel because we are a tight-knit team where every member can be relied upon to perform their role.

Our Discord & Mumble are active spaces where everyone’s voice is heard. We have active and engaged leadership who are open to new ideas and act in the best interests of OOTE & CVA. We value good ideas and reason over length of service and titles.

What We Offer

  • A tight-knit team with a wealth of experience, active in EU & US timezones;
  • Regular fleets at corporate, alliance, and public level;
  • Active comms and active leadership;
  • R64 moons and other PvE activities;
  • An independent alliance with stable leadership and a solid vision;
  • Jump in and fight with Amarr faction warfare;
  • Lots of opportunities to refine your skills & fly with like-minded pilots.

What We Look For

  • Active and engaged PvP pilots with a team-based mentality;
  • Two or more Omega accounts with a willingness to train capital alts;
  • The ability and willingness to multibox or a desire to learn;
  • A thick skin and the ability to tolerate disagreement;
  • A working mic and willingness to use it;
  • A commitment to achieve 20 kills/month.

Join Today

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Wanted to form up for a roam but only had 4 in fleet so decided to try out a meme idea.

Fleet Stabbers look like Nano, so by fitting them short range and Polarized with webs & sig tank we could catch people off-guard in an ESS.

ART0N definitely brought a weight and numbers advantage including dreaded logi but we came out 2:1 up on ISK. Good fights all around.

If you’re interested in shenanigans like this, come join us.

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Spent most of the day putting up structures, no one contested.

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It’s been a busy day.

Had another roam last night. Good fun all around, and gfs to TRC who dropped a HAW dread on us.

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owo wuts this?

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Curatores Veritatis Alliance is joining Amarr Empire
From: Amarr Empire
Sent: 2023.01.27 18:24

Curatores Veritatis Alliance is joining the Amarr Empire faction by enlisting into Factional Warfare. Fighting may begin within 24 hours. At that time, Curatores Veritatis Alliance will be at war with all enemies of the Amarr Empire faction.

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Amarr Victor!

Bumperoo! Looking for pilots like yooou!


Three faction dreads killed today.

What are you waiting for, anon?

Join us to tip the scales of influence in Low Sec

bumperino roo!

Join us for some fun in Low Sec and Null! Big things are happening in Faction Warfare. As we call it Facky Wacky!

Had some fun gate camping ang singing karaoke on comms Related Kills | XHQ-7V | 2023-03-12 22:00 | zKillboard


Join us and be part of something more!


Looking for pilots who like, small gang, gate camping and are active!