[EU/US] Order of the Eclipse (CVA) - Amarr FW / Sov Null Small Gang PvP Corp

A Short History

Back in 2019, Total Eclipse. was founded as an alliance of Katothen. & Lunar Legion, two PvP-focused corporations based in Providence. LLs constant intake of new capsuleers and KTHNs focus on high-end small-gang PvP & fleet command proved a successful combination, culminating in one of Provi-bloc’s most effective PvP alliances.

In 2022, we gathered ourselves back together & reformed as Order of the Eclipse and joined our main ally from the Providence era, CVA, in Esoteria. Since then, we’ve left the southwest and moved back to our traditional stomping ground in Providence, taking a number of systems and enlisting in the Amarr militia.

We’re looking to open up our recruitment to new capsuleers again, in order to build Order of the Eclipse up into a fighting force and continue rebuilding CVA.

About The Order

We’re a new player-friendly corp specializing in small-to-medium gang PvP in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone and nearby nullsec. We do engage in some larger-scale stuff with CVA & allies, and some PvE, but the core of our gameplay is pinging a small fleet and roaming around looking for kills.

To that end, we’re believers in quality over quantity, we’d rather be a small corp of active people who want to learn and to teach than a huge blob of people we never see or interact with. Some of the things we offer include:

  • 150,000 m3 of your stuff delivered to our space from Amarr;
  • Regular corp & alliance fleets, as well as access to Militia fleets, so you’re never lacking people to shoot;
  • Ship reimbursement scheme so that if you lose ships fighting for CVA, we help to replace them;
  • NBSI rules of engagement;
  • Amarr militia membership, so you can make ISK for blowing up those buckets of rust that the Minmatar call ships;
  • Sov null with lots of citadels, R64 moons and upgraded ratting for ISK making;
  • Skill plans and guides explaining most aspects of Eve, right on our Discord;
  • Active Discord & Mumble communities;
  • A tight-knit & well-established community in an alliance that’s been around from the earliest era of Eve.

Our Ideal Member

We have a few expectations of OOTE members:

  1. This is your main corp, not your bit on the side;
  2. Active contributions to fleets (3-4 fleets/mo) & discussions on Discord & Mumble;
  3. Willingness to learn & to teach;
  4. Keep drama to a minimum;
  5. Maintain at least one Omega account.

We welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, sex, sexuality, political affiliation or religion.

Check Us Out

If you’re looking for more information about us, check out these links:

Ready to Enter the Eclipse?

We’ve streamlined our recruitment process as much as possible while maintaining operational security. Like most reputable nullsec alliances, we do need access to your characters on ESI so that we can filter out low-effort spies, collate mining taxes and manage access to services.

  1. Join our Discord server;
  2. Add all of your characters (even the ones you won’t be joining Corp with) to our Auth server;
  3. Navigate to ‘Member Audit’ on Auth, and share each character with recruiters;
  4. Ping Silver Adana in Discord for a review.

Once you’re in corp, we’ll walk you through getting set up in our space.


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