Mature 40m SP PVP Pilot USTZ Recently returned looking for home

I think you’d be a good fit for us:

  • You like small gang, we like small gang. Last 2 days we’ve had a roam each night with kills from our jump clone deployment where we play as a corp without alliance/other blues to stay sharp.
  • You want a home to defend, we’re in CVA (mid-sized, tight-knit alliance) defending Providence as the alliance has done for the past 20 years (we’re not NRDS any more though, so no restrictions on who you can shoot).
  • You want a tight-knit group, most of us have been flying together on and off since 2019.
  • No big blobs, no TiDi ■■■■-fests, just PvP on tap at alliance staging & jump clone staging.

Some of our recent fights:

I didn’t see whether you had any alts, we do look for people with 2+ Omega accounts and ideally willing to fly bigger stuff on an alt but we can help you find a home in CVA if you don’t have those so come join our Discord.