Locked and Reeloaded

Reeloaded is on the lookout for fresh members to join our ranks. We’re a closely-knit group of people thriving in the deep reaches of Nullsec. If you’re passionate about both PvP and Industry, we’ve got a treasure trove of opportunities waiting for you. Join our ever-expanding membership and bring your drama-free, dynamic ideas as we work together to bolster our game. We’ve got everything a stable corporation can provide in this universe.

From thrilling fleets and roams to lucrative moon mining, industrial endeavors, and exciting explorations, we offer it all. With members hailing from over 15 countries, we’ve got a vibrant community spanning both US and EU time zones. No matter where you call home, we’ve got a welcoming spot for you.

  • Fleet ship replacement
  • Bountiful moons
  • Great content roams
  • ISK making opportunities
  • T2 rigged industry facilities
  • Handout ships on some fleets
  • FC Training / Learning opportunities
  • Daily gate camps and mining (enjoy the game again)

Contact Sky for more information:
Discord Private: skymikerjedi
Discord Server: Reeloaded
In-game chat: REE_CRUITER

Join us on this exciting journey and become a vital part of our group of players! We are real people who enjoy this game, all we need is you! I look forward to speaking to you.



Oh did I mention free ship handouts on some fleets? All you need is skillz

Give us a look. Fun and ISK are here waiting for you.

Update: We are now part of the largest coalition in the game, Imperium. No matter what kind of game play you’re looking for, you’ll find it with us. Come join and enjoy the game.

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