Join REEloaded: Where Fun, Friendship, and Independence Thrive!

Are you tired of dealing with workplace drama and uncooperative colleagues? Do you long for exciting adventures with friends who have your back? If you’re looking to escape toxic environments and enjoy EVE Online on your terms, then REEloaded is the alliance you’ve been searching for!

:rocket: About Us :rocket:

REEloaded is a null sov-holding alliance, proudly calling Esoteria home. Our leadership comprises of seasoned pilots with decades of combined experience. We are a community of responsible adults who prioritize camaraderie and mutual support, distinguishing ourselves from the big coalitions by maintaining our independence in Esoteria for years.

:sparkles: What We Offer :sparkles:

:factory: Industry: Explore an extensive industrial infrastructure, featuring a world-class indy complex with all T2 rigs.

:pick: Mining: Join organized (& optional) mining fleets with excellent opportunities for ICE, GAS, ORE, and valuable MOON Goo. We boast an abundance of rich moons to fuel your prosperity.

:milky_way: Exploration: Dive into the incredible Sansha space, widely recognized as the best in the game, no questions asked.

:crossed_swords: PvP: Engage in a range of combat activities, from small-gang skirmishes to block-level warfare and roaming. There’s no shortage of exciting targets!

:video_game: PvE: Experience high-quality spawns that will satisfy your ratting dreams.

:key: Requirements for Corporations to Join:

A minimum of 10 active players.
A 2-month probation period.
Discord and Mumble access.
PvP-capable and willing participants.
:x: Pushy Jerks Need Not Apply! We value a positive and respectful atmosphere.

:envelope_with_arrow: Get in Touch! For in-game inquiries, please contact “SkyMikerJedi” or “MA Panda3c.” You can also reach out to us in our public Discord channel or in game chat “REE_CRUITER”

:globe_with_meridians: Check Us Out on Dotlan:

Join REEloaded today, and let’s embark on a journey of excitement, friendship, and independence in the vast universe of EVE Online!

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Do you like ISK? It is here, waiting for you…

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Come fly with friends who will support you. Check us out—no drama, just fun.

Hey I was in this group before - here’s the “I’m not a recruiter” hot take

  1. There’s drama. Full cap on the 0 drama. Lots of drama. Leadership is very out of touch with the line members and actively looks down on everyone not in leadership. Feelsbadman
  2. There’s a nonstop gatecamp. Its in the a1-auh system on the Q0OH-V gate. It will always be camped. If you check zkill for this alliance, notice WHERE all their kills are happening. Lil weird
  3. All the fcs and military directors left because of drama. 0 drama is full cap
  4. If u like ratting and ONLY ratting, its a great place as sansha drops are big money
  5. 97% of the “content” is from the gatecamp, and the rest is from 1 commander (who is actually pretty good)
  6. There’s still drama
  7. Lots of good moons to mine
  8. No real very strong solo pvp’ers or mechanically skilled players
  9. THE MARKET IS NON-EXISTENT. BRING YOUR OWN MODS AND SHIPS DOWN (the main market is 50-100% over jita price if it is even listed. The reddit ad posted about this alliance is a psyop
  10. No one will come help you if you get tackled. Treat this like wormhole space - you’re on your own buddy
  11. Sansha relic sites are great isk (intact armor plates baby :heart_eyes:)
  12. Im sure theres more but idk i forgot bc i left :slight_smile:

cheers o7

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Yep, don’t join us if you’re similar to this single-post account ‘liked’ by the person who probably wrote it.

But do look us up if you have integrity and want to play the game of Eve with some extremely dedicated and supportive people. Reeloaded is here waiting to support your corp and your members. :slight_smile: