Small Industrial Corp Looking for Nullsec Home

Hello all,

Wholesale Industrial Supply Co. (currently just myself, a couple friends and our alts) is a small but well established highsec industry and pve corp based out of Tash-Murkon. In light of the upcoming nullsec changes we are interested in joining an alliance to the south of us and getting into some bigger building projects, preferably in NPC null (Stain) or surrounding regions such as Provi, Catch, Esoteria or Paragon Soul.

Minimal details will be discussed here as we are just curious who may be interested in having a few more enthusiastic and capable industry pilots join your alliance as a corp. Leaving our corp is non-negotiable as we need the infrastructure to stay organized and efficient as an industry and manufacturing team. If anyone is interested in having a chat feel free to reply here, I will follow up, or you can message or chat me ingame.

Thanks for reading o7

Hello, I am a recruiter for Reeloaded corporation, which is a member of the Reeloaded Alliance based in Providence Nullsec. Our Alliance is always looking for additional Industrialists. Check us out.

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