Are you looking to return to game? Branch in to nullsec? There has never been a better time!

Is your Corporation looking to branch into null, or are you looking to join a null sec alliance your self?
Are you looking for a new Alliance to call home?
Are you looking for a great group that looks after its members?
Are you looking for amazing opportunities in great space?
Are you looking for endless pve / pvp activity?
Are you looking to remain close to active zones in null sec?



What we offer:

  • Industry - Amazing industry infrastructure, with a world class indy complex.
  • Logistics - In alliance and coalition jf freight service to and from jita.
  • Mining - Great mining opportunities for ICE/GAS/ORE/MOON Goo.
  • PI - Null Sec grade PI
  • PvE - Best exploration sites in nullsec / great diverse area’s to capitalize on pve content.
  • Alt Activities - Alt alliance that is wardec proof for allowing easy highsec activities.
  • PvP - engage in small-gang up to block level style war-fare and or roaming. There are NO shortage of targets of opportunity!


For a corp to join the alliance - Minimum >= 10 active players w/ 3 month probation
PVP Capable and willing

For contact, please reach out to us in our diplo discord channel by creating a ticket.

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