Vet UStz looking for new home

Hello, have played this game for a good amount of time. Looking around seeing what is out there, trying to find the next chapter. Guess I should start a lil about what I can offer as a corp member.
4 active main accounts. pvp main, fax alt logy alt, dread alt , super alt, JF alts
I have been a FC Leadership in corps before not actively looking for this just info. active player in the game play most nights USTZ.

I am in a corp just really looking if there is anything better out there kind of getting sick of the big null blobs.

Hello buddy,

Check out Holy Hunters :

You should give us a try at The Order of Omerta. We are a small but tight knit bunch of older gamers looking to do stuff as a team. We are into fw, small gang pvp, pve and mining/indy.

We are strong in the ustz and looking to add more to our community. We got about 40 players and looking to grow. Older gamers in our 30s to 60s no drama no bs.

If interested come by and chat The Order of Omerta

Hi there,

Come talk to us on our Running with Dogs discord community to find somethig better

We are an experienced medium sized Corp in a new’ish alliance.

Our focus as a Corp is on small gang/fleets with an active discord community so you know you’re not alone.


Hey bud if looking for some pew pew am looking for pvp members to join my corp and alliance. We live in npc null and have plenty to shoot at if your interested pop in to my discord or hit me up in game

You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there m8

If you like a good challange and being part of a small and independent pvp group that operates out of pochven please make sure to check our latest video below

We are also on discord if you feel to talk to us

Note: Our us timezone is small but growing slowly

take care and best of luck finding a new corp


If you are looking for non-blue doughnut Nullsec corp check us out at Into the Ether.

We are a primarily PvP corp operating in the USTZ but do have space to make some isk to replace lost ships.

You can hit me up on Discord.
Discord ID: justinstarrstarr

You sound like a great pickup for any PVP corp but consider adding being a merc to your next chapter. Noir. is a small gang PVP corp and we’ve been a mainstay of EVE’s mercenary ecosystem since 2008. We are based in FW now but take contracts all over the game, inc nullsec and wormholes. Diverse, objective based PVP with some of the best people you could hope to fly with.

Our US TZ has always been strong but growing a lot recently in the past 2 weeks. We also have a strong EU TZ so you’ll have even more people to fly with on weekends.

More info here

Hop on Discord to apply or ask any questions you might have. I’m pretty transparent with what we do and how.


I am CEO of a corp in the process of joining a Pochven alliance, I am USTZ 0100-0700 during the week and usually on all weekend join IIAR Pub in game or shoot me a mail for any questions or interest.

Cheers and best of luck