Returning Player

Hey Fung Ku!

Welcome back to the ever-evolving universe of New Eden! EVE, much like space itself, is in a constant state of flux, and it’s entirely understandable to feel a tad overwhelmed after a hiatus. But fear not! With the right group alongside you, reacclimating can be both smooth and exhilarating.

A glimpse into what Cryptopia offers:

  1. Dive into the Known and Unknown: With your interest in null and WH space, you’re in luck! While we’re deeply rooted in J-space, our adventures frequently take us to null-sec and beyond.
  2. GMT-Friendly: Many of our pilots, including a solid core group, operate in the GMT timezone. You’ll find plenty of comrades ready to embark on adventures during your prime gaming hours.
  3. Value Experience: Your vast experience and impressive 175mil SP on multiple characters would be an immense asset. The vast knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years can only enhance our collective adventures!
  4. Support and Reacclimation: While you’ve been self-sufficient in the past, our team is more than willing to help you navigate the changes and updates of the last five years. We’re a tight-knit bunch that values collaboration and mutual support.

Fung Ku, the cosmos of EVE has missed a pilot of your caliber. Together, let’s rediscover the magic, chart new territories, and write thrilling chapters in the grand saga of New Eden!

Eager to discuss the potential and learn more about our escapades? Pop into our Discord at [CYPTA] Cryptopia or drop us an in-game message. We’re stoked to have a chat!

To new beginnings and epic space tales!

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia