120 Mil Sp Indy Pilot Looking for a null sec Home

Hey Marvin Popcorn Sutton!

First of all, your enthusiasm to move, explore, and contribute is exactly the kind of spirit that makes EVE such an exciting universe. While your heart seems set on Null Sec, I’d love to pitch a slight curveball: How about venturing into the mysterious depths of J-space with Cryptopia?

Here’s why Cryptopia might resonate with what you’re seeking:

  1. Opportunity to Shape Growth: We are on the lookout for pilots like you, who are eager to contribute to the corp’s growth. In J-space, every member plays a pivotal role in shaping the corporation’s trajectory.
  2. Diverse Ship Lineup: While you’re a sub-capital specialist, J-space offers a myriad of opportunities to utilize that expertise. From skirmishes to defense ops, your ship prowess will always be in demand.
  3. Bring Your Alts: We appreciate the versatility that alts bring to the table. Whether it’s for different roles or ensuring a round-the-clock presence, your alts will be a welcome addition.
  4. Help Us Grow: Our focus right now is on building a strong, cohesive, and proactive community. With your experience and desire to contribute, you could play a key role in our expansion and strategies.

I understand the allure of Null Sec, Marvin, but sometimes the road less traveled (or in this case, the wormhole less dived) offers experiences and challenges that can be even more rewarding. If you’re open to considering J-space as an alternative and keen on playing a pivotal role in a corp’s growth story, I’d love to chat more. Drop by our Discord at Cryptopia for a deeper dive, or shoot me an in-game message.

Hope to cross paths with you soon, in whatever part of space that might be!

Clear skies,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia