Old vet w/121mil sp looking for a home

Hey cj dimidio! o/

First and foremost, welcome back to the vastness of New Eden! We always have a soft spot for seasoned pilots looking to dive back into the cosmos. Your diverse set of interests and experiences sounds like it would mesh perfectly with our crew over at Cryptopia. Here’s why:

  1. Life Always Comes First: We fully understand that real life trumps all. Many of our members, myself included, have varied schedules due to life’s commitments. So whether you’re around daily or pop in intermittently, you’ll always be welcomed back like family.
  2. Small-Scale Skirmishes: While we relish the intricacies of J-space, we also have a penchant for smaller engagements. Your love for skirmishes would fit right in with our adventurous spirit.
  3. Specialized Roles: Scouting, tackle, logi, and cloaky ops are the backbone of many successful fleets. With your expertise in these roles, especially bombers and exploration, you’d be a valuable addition to our operations.
  4. Experience Counts: Your rich history in the game, from mining to intense battles, will provide depth and wisdom to our corp. And while the game might have evolved during your absence, your foundational skills remain invaluable.

cj dimidio, if the idea of immersing yourself in the enigma of wormhole life intrigues you, and you want a place where both your skills and life’s commitments are respected, Cryptopia could be your next space haven.

Let’s reconnect you with the game’s pulse! Drop by our Discord at Cryptopia to chat, share stories, or fire away with any questions.

Fly safe and hope to chat soon!

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia