Newer player looking for a exploration or Abyssal corp

Hello I am a newer player looking for a corp who is active and talkative in chat or Discord that is good at helping learn Exploration and Abyssals. I also run Missions.

Good Day Arle

We are in the UK/ EU time zone and my corp might be for you. I took off some time due to RL stuff and want to come back and build a new home for myself and for others to fly with.

My corp is called Dark Eclipse Academy [DARCA] and it is at the infancy stage. I want to get that core group of about 10 to 15 people that can help me grow and also help me mould the corp into something amazing. If you think you might be that person then we are happy to have you.

Our first 6 months will focus more on high-sec stuff while we grow in numbers. We currently have our HQ set to Wask. - Map: The Citadel - DOTLAN :: EveMaps .There are 2x 0.5 systems next door to each other connected to the HQ for mining if thats your thing and also the HQ has 2 level 4 mission agents if you want to do the PVE thing.

I want to really start getting into frigate abyssals where 3 people grab a ship and go bananas. We did this with Retributions and a deacon a year ago when I was still active and it was a hell of a load of fun. If you want to just learn general exploration and abyssal then I can help you with guides that I know work and also we can test them out if we are not sure.

RL is always first with me. I have 2 kids and cannot be online every night. So if you want a more chill place then we are that place. Rather than a corp, it’s more a gathering of old and new that do stuff together when online and able to play.

Our biggest focus really now is to grow and get that core group online that doesn’t mind having a nice day indoors in front of our PC’s after a hard day’s work and jumping on coms where we play some tunes in the background and have a beer or 6 to just mine or do some PVE. I have FC’d a lot of PVP and so will take out roams from time to time and if you want to join you can but honestly, it’s never ever going to be a requirement.

I hope you give us a look.
Our in-game channel is: DARCA
Discord can be found here: DARCA

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