Returning to EVE and looking for a home

Greetings Sarah Lilac,

Your post resonated with me and many of the core principles we uphold in Cryptopia.

From the depths of Anoikis, Cryptopia is not just a name or a location, but a narrative of triumphs, challenges, and a collective dream to ascend. Just like you, many of us value the sense of belonging, the synergy of collective endeavors, and the allure of achieving something monumental.

Your passion for exploration, involvement in seasonal events, and especially your inclination towards group mining align with some of the activities that are integral to our identity. We’re especially thrilled by your interest in maximizing the capabilities of your Orca and mining booster skills. These not only amplify our mining operations but significantly contribute to our collective long-term goals.

Currently, as we rebuild, we are delving into big group corp projects, and your inclination towards industry, combined with your drive to support group objectives, would be invaluable. We understand that PvP might not be your cup of tea, and that’s perfectly alright. We’re more than just pew-pew; we’re about building, growing, and defending what’s ours. Your interest in training for a logi role is commendable and would be highly appreciated, especially during home defense scenarios.

Understanding the significance of joining a group, we absolutely respect your wish to acquaint yourself with our vibe before making a commitment. You’re cordially invited to join our Discord [CYPTA] Cryptopia or our in-game public channel. Spend time with us, ask questions, and see if our wavelength matches yours.

In Cryptopia, we believe in creating a tapestry of experiences and stories. We would be honored to weave yours into ours, creating a tapestry that’s richer and more vibrant.

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia