Returning EUTZ player lf nullsec corp

Hey walleater!

Firstly, welcome back to New Eden! Time away from EVE sometimes reignites that passion to dive deep and explore parts of the game you might not have before. Sounds like you’re gearing up for some serious fleet action!

Given your experience and your intent, Cryptopia may just be the place for you. Here’s why:

  1. Shift to Fleet PvP: While we’re based in J-space, the dynamics of wormholes constantly offer engagements, making it an exciting place for fleet PvP. Your subcap expertise and tackle & links alt would be an asset in our skirmishes.
  2. Chill & Active Community: We’re an active bunch, especially in PvP, and yet we pride ourselves on our chill atmosphere. We love a good laugh, but understand the line between fun and “overly edgy”. We believe in creating a comfortable environment for all.
  3. No Drama, Just Space Fun: We’re a mature bunch, with many of us juggling jobs, families, and life. We keep the drama out and the fun in, making sure our time in-game is about enjoying what EVE has to offer.
  4. Adaptable ISK-making: While you mentioned your distaste for mining (which we get!), there are ample opportunities in J-space to make ISK, from ratting to exploration and more. You’ll find plenty of ways to fuel your PvP endeavors.

Walleater, with your experience, attitude, and drive to explore fleet PvP, we’d be thrilled to have you in Cryptopia. If J-space intrigues you and you’re open to venturing beyond null, drop by our Discord at Cryptopia for a chat or feel free to message me in-game. Let’s see if we can make your EVE journey even more exciting!

Fly safe, and hope to chat soon!

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia