Returning Player - US TZ- 49 mil SP and 22 mil SP alt

Hey Arcanum X!

First off, a hearty welcome back to New Eden! It’s always invigorating to see returning pilots, especially ones with as much history in the game as you, ready to explore fresh horizons.

Now, on to the juicy part: Have you ever considered diving into J-space? Cryptopia is a delightful melting pot of adventurers and spacefarers, and here’s why you might find a cozy nook among us:

  1. Discover the Uncharted: Much like low and null, wormhole space has its own sense of thrill, mystery, and camaraderie. It’s an entirely different beast, and with us, you can experience the best of all worlds!
  2. Group Activities: You said it best: EVE is better together! Whether it’s mining, boosting with a Porpoise/Orca, or diving into a skirmish, having comrades by your side amplifies the fun.
  3. Timezone Sync: We need people in all timezones, and we have in the US/EST timezone.
  4. Communications Ready: We use TeamSpeak for comms, and Discord for pings and text. Our lively sessions ensure that we’re always in sync, strategizing or just sharing a laugh. With your mic and willingness to participate, you’ll fit right in!
  5. Amarr Standings? No Worries!: In J-space, your Amarr standing won’t be an impediment. If they are a problem, we can work around the standings when you need to dip your toes back into known space. (The standings can also be fixed if that ever becomes a priority.)
  6. RL First, Always: Many of us are older gamers too. We truly understand that life can be unpredictable. The corp values real-life commitments, and there’s zero pressure when the unexpected pops up.

Arcanum, with your experience and eagerness to explore, Cryptopia could be the home you’re seeking. Let’s unearth the unseen parts of EVE together and create lasting memories! Jump into our Discord at [CYPTA] Cryptopia and let’s strike up a chat.

Wishing you safe and exciting travels, wherever they might lead!

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia