15m Orca Pilot looking for Mining Corp

Hello Aceassin Thunder,

Greetings from the depths of J-space!

Your interests in mining and providing support align beautifully with what Cryptopia can offer. While we are a wormhole corp, our environment has its own unique charm when it comes to the world of resource extraction.

While ore anomalies in wormhole space aren’t an everyday occurrence, when they do spawn, they’re vast and bountiful. The ore here is quite valuable and can be a very rewarding experience, especially with fellow miners by your side.

Safety is a concern we understand deeply. While wormholes aren’t entirely devoid of threats, we have the ability to “roll off” our connections. This means that we can, for a limited period, create a relatively isolated and safe environment for activities like mining. While this doesn’t guarantee 100% safety, with some vigilance and teamwork, it minimizes the risks significantly. With your upcoming Orca boost, you’d be a valuable asset in maximizing the yield of our mining operations.

Our corp is rich in camaraderie and collective endeavors. Whether you’re active during your work breaks or later in the evening, you’ll find a band of pilots ready to delve into the richness of the asteroid fields, all while sharing stories, experiences, and the thrill of extracting wealth from the cosmic depths.

If the allure of wormhole mining intrigues you, and you’re ready to partake in the grandeur of J-space anomalies with a group that values teamwork, Cryptopia would be delighted to welcome you aboard.

Get a glimpse of our journey here: Cryptopia’s Story. For a more direct conversation, feel free to hop onto our Discord: [CYPTA] Cryptopia.

Looking forward to the possibility of mining the depths of space with you, Aceassin!

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia