3 Accounts 150M + Skill Points Looking to Industrial For The Right Corp/Alliance

Hello BlownUp Doll,

Welcome to the dance of New Eden’s constellations! Your wealth of experience and industry capability immediately caught my eye, and it’s with great excitement that I present Cryptopia as a potential new home for your array of skills.

Residing in the ever-enigmatic world of wormholes, Cryptopia offers an environment where every pilot’s prowess, from industry to PvP, is invaluable. Your affinity for industry would align brilliantly with our group corp projects. As we rebuild and venture forth, hands skilled in crafting tech II and armed with a plethora of blueprints could play a pivotal role in shaping our shared destiny.

While industry and PvE are core aspects of our identity, life in J-space mandates that we’re all versed in the art of PvP. It’s less about aggression and more about survival and defense, ensuring our wormhole remains a secure bastion for all our activities.

Our community includes a number of fellow EST members, and we maintain an active presence on our Discord [CYPTA] Cryptopia. The camaraderie there, paired with your shared sense of fun, would no doubt make for memorable times.

In Cryptopia, we aim for more than mere coexistence; we envision a family where every pilot’s passion, whether it’s PvP skirmishes, cosmic exploration, or grand industrial ventures, is celebrated and woven into our collective narrative.

We’d be honored if you’d consider joining our ranks, lending your expertise, and sharing in the adventure that awaits in the stars. Pop into our in-game channel or our Discord for a chat; we’d love to get to know you better!

Fly safe and hopefully, fly with us soon!

Best regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia