Looking for new friendly nullsec

Hey Aderon Cadelanne!

Fantastic to see a pilot like you ready to venture beyond high sec and truly dive into the vast intricacies of EVE! Welcome back to New Eden!

Our corp, Cryptopia, nestled within a C2 wormhole with LS/C2 statics, might just be the sanctuary you’re searching for. Here’s why:

  1. Safe Learning Environment: The C2 wormhole with its LS/C2 statics offers a comparatively secure playground to get a grip on wormhole mechanics. Perfect for those looking to expand their horizons without diving into the deep end straight away!
  2. Expert Guidance: We have seasoned veterans adept at guiding newer or returning pilots in the nuances of J-space living. We’ve been there, done that, and are eager to pass on our wisdom!
  3. UK Companionship: A good chunk of our pilots, including me, hail from the UK. So, rest assured, you’ll have plenty of fellow Brits to share both space tales and tea times with!
  4. Reacclimation Hub: Many of us, much like you, are returning players. With an array of skill levels, Cryptopia offers a comforting space to re-familiarise oneself with the game. It’s like a support group for EVE returnees!
  5. Similar Stories: One of our UK-based pilots shares a background quite akin to yours. Though he’s still finding his footing this time around, it’s heartening to witness his journey and growth. It could be a reflection of what awaits you!

With just 6M Skillpoints, you’re at a stage where the EVE universe is ripe for exploration, learning, and thrilling adventures. We’d be over the moon to have you with us, guiding and supporting your journey, every warp, and jump of the way.

Feel free to hit us up on Discord [CYPTA] Cryptopia and learn more about the exciting possibilities ahead. Here’s to charting new territories and experiencing the grandeur of EVE together!

Fly safe, and see you among the stars!

Warmest regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia