Returning player 13m SP looking for corp

Hey Aragorn Ryder,

Welcome back to the vast expanses of New Eden! The return of seasoned pilots like yourself always brings a special energy to the cosmos.

In Cryptopia, we’ve meticulously crafted a rewarding sanctuary within our C2 wormhole territory. We’re confident that we can both support your mining endeavors and help you maximize that ISK yield. Here’s a taste of the mining world you’d step into:

  1. Wormhole Gas: Whenever it graces us with its presence, it’s a goldmine. The profitability of wormhole gas can be quite extraordinary, and seasoned miners thrive on its yield.
  2. Shattered Wormhole Ice Mining: While it can be a gamble without an immediate backup fleet, it offers a unique, exhilarating mining experience that’s both challenging and rewarding.
  3. Ore Buffet: Our wormhole frequently boasts an abundant variety of ores. Honestly, there’s so much ore that it is sometimes literally impossible to deplete, ensuring constant opportunities for dedicated miners.
  4. Safety in Low-Class Wormholes: While absolute safety remains elusive in space, our low-class wormhole provides a relatively protected environment. Although we have our share of losses, the robust earnings from mining activities ensure net profitability.
  5. Covetor Mining Barge: For efficiency, many miners in our ranks vouch for the Covetor. Its impeccable blend of yield and affordability ensures that it rapidly recoups its cost. Occasional losses, when they happen, are easily offset by the accumulated profits.
  6. Diverse Mining Opportunities: Our expeditions aren’t limited to just wormhole domains. Opportune wormhole connections sometimes lead us to pristine lowsec and nullsec systems, granting access to a plethora of minerals scattered across New Eden. It’s akin to having an exclusive pass to some of the galaxy’s most abundant mining zones.

With Cryptopia, you won’t only be maximizing your ISK intake, but you’ll also be re-immersed in the EVE thrill from yesteryears, with experienced comrades guiding you along.

I invite you to pop into our public Discord [CYPTA] Cryptopia and strike up a chat. Eagerly awaiting the possibility of charting stellar pathways together. Here’s to unearthing wealth and charting new frontiers!

Warmest regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia