64m SP Returning Player - Casual, Non-Dedicated

Hello Dretzle Omega,

Reading through your post, I felt a resonating connection with what you’re seeking and what we offer at Cryptopia. Your multifaceted expertise makes you a dynamic asset, and your flexible approach to the game is something we wholeheartedly understand and support.

While we thrive in our C2 PI hole, the activities we engage in range across the vast spectrum of EVE, from skirmishes to exploring the intricacies of wormhole life. With your skills in industry, mining, missions, and more, you could find yourself deeply integrated into our operations in no time.

Your experience with station trading at Jita and your background in amassing ISK could also bring a unique dimension to our corporation. Combining that with your willingness to indulge in various in-game activities, I believe you’d find a diverse and engaging environment with us.

We fully understand the unpredictability of real-life commitments, and we never demand a strict schedule from our members. So, the need to log off suddenly or being a casual player is completely fine with us.

It is always nice to have high standings with Caldari and Amarr when living out of J-space! Let’s delve deeper into these possibilities and see how Cryptopia can be your new EVE home. Join us on our Cryptopia public channel or our Discord at [CYPTA] Cryptopia for a more intimate conversation.

Eagerly looking forward to charting the stars alongside you, Dretzle Omega.

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia