64m SP Returning Player - Casual, Non-Dedicated

My situation this time around, in order to be able to keep things up, I cannot necessarily dedicate any specific time or day and I may need to log off without too much notice.

That said, I have a very flexible job and often have hours each day to play. Looking for a corporation that’s open to a casual player. I have plenty of skills to run industry, mining, Lvl 4 missions, cloaking and scanning, running a freighter, and I have all trade skills maxed out. In my first playthrough I was able to make billions station trading at Jita and, while I plan on doing some of that for background ISK, I just want to play around with various aspects of the game, mining, hauling, or whatever.

I have most of my resources in The Forge or nearby. I have high standings with Caldari and Amarr and my main fighting skills are shields and missiles.

Any corporation available?

You Are Welcome With Us, :grinning:

It sounds like you might be looking for a good change of pace. We might have what you are looking for in Kybernaut Clade.

We are group out in Pochven. The primary money makers in that region are group PVE sites and mining sites which it sounds like you are already skilled for. Pochven has consistent WH connection entrances close to major trade hubs, so having all your stuff in the Forge is not a big deal.

The only thing that might be an issue for you is staying “active.” We track activity via pvp fleet participation. Five a month. Most of them are typically scheduled, so you know when they will be happening. We have fleets almost every day of the week, so you should be able to find some that fit into your schedule. It is also not to big of a deal if you have to drop mid fleet.

Unlike a lot of other groups, We have an actual goal. Clear player structures out of pochven. This may give you some inspiration, and the boost that keeps the game interesting for you.

Here is a link to our discord; I am online pretty consistently so feel free to jump on. We can talk directly if you want to; just send me a ping. Discord Link

Here is a link to our recruitment ad:

I appreciate the invitation! I think you keyed in there on the “active”. I will definitely be active, but I can’t commit to coordinated group activities, like a PVP fleet.

We are casual at The Order of Omerta. We are into fw, small gang pvp, mining and indy.

No mandatory fleets or sov to defend.

Come by and check us out.

Sounds like things won’t work out then. Still, if you ever want to see what the new pochven region is like feel free to send me a ping in game!

Best of luck finding a corp that suits you!

we are a Nullsec corp based in Querious/Catch under the Dracarys Alliance.


  • Daily R64 Moons
  • Plenty of Anomalies for Ratting/Exploration
  • Daily fleets
  • Jump Freight Service direct from Jita.


  • 10mil SP minimum
  • Participate in 3 Fleets a month (Roams, OPs, CTAs)
  • Discord + Microphone

join our discord and chat to see if we are a fit for you REPZ