Sell it or refine and then sell it?

Hello! I have a question:

What affords the best profit? Selling the ore or refining it and then selling the minerals? At this time I don’t have a lot of refining skill trained, but that can change. I presume there is some point at which it’s better to refine and sell than to move the raw ore, but where is that line? Or is it just better to sell off the raw ore and call it a day?

Thanks in advance for your insight.


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It varies all the time - the nature of market forces.

Try this on for size: I recently found this very useful myself.

Ore is typically more valuable after being compressed. Check your local space for public access to citadels and structures for availability to compress.

Bonus, it is much smaller to move around! Just don’t overload your ship and get killed for it :wink:

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A lot of minerals are consumed in capital ship production and they were complaining about shortages of Mexallon a few months ago. Highsec ores rich in Mexallon are Plagioclase and Kernite - or Jaspet if you take the time to look for a mining anomaly.

These ores can be compressed free of charge at any Citadel with a reprocessing service module and buy order pricing in Jita looks pretty good - which tells me these ores are still in high demand.

Compressed ore is generally preferred to minerals - it takes up less space in the Jump Freighter and reprocessing yields in Nullsec are a lot higher.

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Thanks everyone! I appreciate your help! Seems like I should compress the ore and melt the ice for best results.


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