Ore Compression

Do you lose any yield if you compress ore. so if I was mining away and had a ton of different ore types and compressed it, moved it all somewhere to re-process and then reprocessed it into minerals, would I still get the same as if I had just reprocessed it.

Also if I wanted to buy minerals etc, is there a calculator (pref not a spreadsheet) that I can use to compare the which is the best option price wise, ie buy minerals, buy normal ore or buy compressed ore.

I don’t know about a calculator like you ask, but as far as compression goes, there is no loss and it’s a free service, so there’s really not much of a reason not to do it.

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The minerals you get from refining 1 Compressed ore is the same as if you refined 100 units of uncompressed ore. Compressing ore is only beneficial for transporting it from one place to another. Any Upwell Structure with the Reprocessing Plant will be able to Compress your ore for free, so long as you can dock in it :wink:

You can easily calculate how much you get from refining ore by looking at the “Show Info” and multiply the amount shown with your Refining Yield %. You can use this website to find which ore gives which minerals.


Thaanks @ISD_Sakimura for the calculation I was thinking more of prices on the market and an easy way to see if buying mineral, compressed ore or uncompressed ore was the best way to going about it

Lets say I needed…


Tritanium 9289701
Pyerite 2373300
Mexallon 582201
Isogen 145290
Nocxium 36270
Zydrine 17201
Megacyte 5280

Now it would be nice to have a calculator that quickly told me if it would be cheaper to obtain all that either by buying the minerals, buying the compressed ore and reprocessing or buying the uncompressed ore and reprocessing after entering my reprocessing skills

Does anything like this exist?

My bad with my post, tired and didnt read too well

Usually it is better to sell compressed ore rather than buying it and reprocessing it, unless you got really good skills to reprocess the ore.

Just the difference in how much cargo it uses up is enough to rise its cost a little.

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With regards to compressed vs. non compressed, the yield is going to be the same. So I wouldn’t worry about that comparison.

With regards to buying compressed vs. buying the minerals outright, 9 million Tritanium is a lot to haul and not easy to do even with a JF to move it. Buying the compressed is always worth it when moving ore.

In short, always stick to buying compressed ore (assuming that you have good reprocessing skills and implants.)

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You would first need to know how much of each ore you would need, and that would be some extremely complex functions (equations) which you also need to perform some optimization on to get the minimum amount of each ore you need.

best to just work out each ore type as you go starting with;

  • Arkonor = Megacyte
  • Bistot = Zydrine
  • Dark Ochre = Isogen
  • Gneiss = Mexallon
  • Hemophite = Nocxium
  • Scordite = Pyerite
  • Veldspar = Tritanium

If we say that your Refining rate is 72% and 1 unit of Compressed Arkonor yields 320 units of Megacyte, as such your Net yield would be 320*0.72 = ~230, so to get 5280 you would need 5280/230 = 23 Compressed Arkonor and so on with the rest… This is where Spread sheets can help you out :yum:

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One of the easiest ways that I’ve heard of that does not involve building spread sheets is using EVE Isk per Hour.


That might help with the calculations easier. I haven’t used it yet, but eventually I will.

I have used ISK per hour but never as a means to check out the different options on minerals/ore. I am not actually sure if IPH is being developed there is no new forum post on it.

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