Compressed ore converted into mineral prices

How do i get the individual mineral price out of compressed ore?

i.e if i buy compressed bright spod for lets say 200.000, how wil i know whats the price of 1 trit is?

sorry for the poor english

Is that important? What’s more important is whether the actual mineral yield value after refining is higher than the price you buy the ore for. You should check if the 75 or 79 or 86% of the minerals that you get from refining the ore is more expensive than the price of the ore unit.

i was thinking of buing compressed ore instead of minerals, im pretty low tech, so i need mineral price to calculate cost/profit in manufacturing subcaps/modules

I assume you use some sort of spreadsheet to do it?

Shows refine values of ores.

uhh nice one, but i need to be able to enter custom buy price for the compressed ore
but Thanx :slight_smile:

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