Compressed Ore vs Mineral prices

Some compressed ores go as much as twice the value of outright mineral prices if I was to reprocess at @71% at a hisec tatera.

If I was to reprocess the same ore in nulsec bonused refinery the small percentage advantage wouldn’t make up that much difference would it?

Basically if I was to mine to manufacture something, I would be better off compressing, selling, and then buying minerals outright.

Where is hisec compressed ores going and why is it worth so much more than outright mineral worth.

Nulsec is flooded with better ores and rorqs, I have a hard time believing hisec compressed ore is being shipped there for premium prices, or am I wrong.

Nullsec has traditionally experienced shortages of mexallon and import compressed ores rich in that mineral such as Plagioclase. With the 100/1 compression ratio it makes more sense to ship the compressed ore than the minerals.

They have huge surpluses of other minerals - someone is selling Tritanium for 1.25 ISK in Delve!

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The max refine in nul is 89.3396%. Compressed Jaspets are the only ores worth importing into nul (over 300,000 isk/m3) to assist with the mex shortage.

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I remember decade or so ago traveling npc Syndicate buying truckloads of cheap Mexallon and hauling it out in mwd+cloak Iteron V.

Guess I need to study up more, mexallon worth more than Isogen, pyerite often less than tritanium. Thanks.

Were exploring using low sec moons rich in Gniess to import back to null.

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