Compressed vs Non Compressed Ore

I wonder if anyone is aware of an online resource (or an app) that tells you if it is cheaper to purchase either regular ore in order to reprocess yourself, compressed ore, or minerals in order to make something. A bit like the buy/build calculation in ISK per hour.

for example, say I am in Jita I have a BPC for 5 battleships and I am looking to build them. I can easily find out the price for the finished battleship, if I do “buy all” on the BPC I can see how much it would be to buy all the minerals from market. But it isn’t so easy to see…

  • The cost of buying compressed ore and then reprocessing it to the given minerals (based on my skills)
  • The cost of buying normal uncompressed ore and then reprocessing it to the given minerals (based on my skills).
  • The cost of buying the items at the current buyers prices in a given location.
  • or a combination of the above.

It would be nice to have something I can enter my relevant skills into, the item I want to make and it will come back giving me the best options based on the various criteria.

i didn’t think there was much difference in compressed vs uncompressed aside from the fact it makes it easier to haul more ore.

im still new to industry, and few months under my belt of frigate building.

This is probably a spreadsheet you’ll have to make yourself.

Prices change constantly, so you’d need to account for market fluctuations.

The difference between Compressed and not, is whether you need 100 bits of ore or just 1 block to reprocess. The amount of minerals will be the same between each of them. Compression just gets rid of some of the excess useless rock, leaving behind a smaller, more mineral rich block.

I am not in Jita to work it out but I am sure there would be a price difference between say 1000 trit and a compressed block that gave you a 1000 trit

Yeah I suspect it is

They do, but spreadsheets and apps can pull that data from the eve API so I wouldnt have to sod around typing all the prices in manually.

Indeed. There is a plugin for Google Sheets which links back to and can pull recent prices. It’s a bit of a hassle to find the reference numbers for every item you want. And then you can include lines that check the market in each of the hubs separately. So yes, it’s doable. But I don’t know if anyone has done quite what you’re after yet, and there’s nothing stopping you from doing it yourself.

Maybe this can help as a starting point for your very own sheet:

Thanks @Marcus_Gideon & @Mingja

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