Compressed Mineral Processing vs Uncompressed


Is there a difference between compressed and uncompressed mineral extraction?

Am I to understand it’s just more efficient to move compressed ore and extract it versus raw chunks of ore? That is what would make more sense to me. There’s more ore in a compressed “unit” than in the raw ore so more minerals from compressed ore would make sense.

But are there any bonuses to extracting minerals from compressed ore? Or just the modifiers the station and skills offer you? (Yes, I know that player stations offer better returns.)

Thanks in advance!

There is no benefit to compressing ore before refining it, compression is just a method of making it easier to transport the ore.

1 unit of compressed ore gives the same amount of materials as the 100 units of uncompressed


Thank you!

Just keep in mind that you can’t uncompress ore.

That means with uncompressed ore you can use as much or little as you want/need.
But with compressed ore it’s use all or nothing.

just be aware that CCP has broaced the subject of changing compression not only to include a waste factor but also to do it with orcas and porpoises using an clunky mechanism that makes no sense. so yes, compress to move ore if refining is at a poor percentage or high tax rate, until things change

i thought that was clear in my post. they introduced the subject and were resoundly lampooned by players in the forums

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