Ore compressing

Been away for quite a time and found that the system I enjoy knitting in (mining solo) no longer has an active station to compress ore in.
If I buy a porpoise, can I park it in an NPC station and compress ore in it?
If so what minimum modules do i need?



Thanks but I saw that we can now compress ore in these types of ships and Im wondering if I can do so in a non processing npc station. That is, that I move the uncompressed ore from the mining barge into the porpoise then compress it?

I have no experience in compression or with the Porpoise but I know that ship can compress ore.
I would figure it can do so even while being docked but I could be sorely mistaken.
Let’s see what other more knowledgeable members will post. I thought that link may be a good start.

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The ore compressor is an active module, so I doubt you can use it docked. Upon mouseover in a simulated fit is says ‘ships in your fleet have to be within 44km to use compression’.
I have not used one (yet) so don’t know if this means the Porpoise itself can compress ore, although I’d imagine it will be able to as it can use mining drones and t would be odd to not allow it to compress what it mines…



I did some poking around the market place and see that the porpoise reqs a medium compressor thingamajig. I suppose I could just load it right up with ore and compress it just outside the station.

You need:

  • A medium industrial core
  • The Medium asteroid compressor

Fitted onto the ship.

You will need to undock the porpoise and your barge. They will need to be in a fleet together.

You hit the industrial core on the porpoise. That’ll bring it to a standstill. It cannot warp away. It cannot move. It cannot receive tether. An excellent tank fit is recommended, because of its vulnerability.

While the industrial core is active, you can press the asteroid compression module. As long as the barge is within range, you can now right click the ore and say „compress“. I believe a new window pops up, and you have to actually press the „compress“ button there.

I believe the porpoise can compress too at this point. If not, just trade ores with the barge.

Note that if you dock the barge for any reason, it loses the ability to compress and has to await the next cycle from the porpoise. This means some people compress only in the ship and repeatedly undock an alt in a hauler (who doesn’t need to compress) to ferry ore to/from the station.

Last I used it there might be a fuel requirement for the industrial core. I don’t recall which fuel though, double check the module attributes.

Hope this helps.


I think it’s heavy water.

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Been doing an online search for which fuel for Porpoise.
Here are the results of my search on this specific query:



That is why I mentioned having full and detailed in-game information panels instead of relying on outdated webpages.

Search the mod instead. This says heavy water

if the porpoise is actively providing boosts and compression the mining ships can compress within their own orre holds. this works for standard ore. for moon ore you need an orca or rorqual.
the only odd thing is the box that pops up when you select compress from the menu. it does absollutely nothing but require you to press compress again. the ore does not move out of your hanger.if the box is bloacking stuff you can close it. enjoy

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Most appreciated, thanks

If you want the ore the NPCs are mining just kill them? Ie. what you are asking is already there. //if we set aside the horrible balance and penalties doing this have ofc :smiley:

Are you lost? I don’t think anyone is talking about NPC miners, and they only pretend to mine now.


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