Compressing ore with an Orca

I have installed an industrial core and when I run this core, I do not see any option to compress ore. When I right click on ore, either in fleet hangar or mining hold, no option to compress is there.

Someone has experience with this ? Thanks

Lastly, in-development plans for a compression revamp , heavily involving the Orca and Rorqual, have been delayed into early 2022 in order for all changes to be thoroughly evaluated and for the resulting features to be a positive and engaging gameplay experience. Until then, compression will continue to operate as it does currently.



Did they take out the compression for Capital Industrial Cores for Rorquals? I don’t see compression as an option for it and compression no longer works when the core is activated.


Mostly interested in the proposed suspect status when using the cores in highsec.

For some reason I can no longer compress moon ore on a Rorq. I thought that the Industrial core would still be able to compress. What am I missing?

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