Moon ore compressing bug?


I were in a mining fleet. The fleet commander had the module to allow compressing the ore. However on my ship, a procurer, when I compress the ore the m3 volume is the same. Is this a bug?

Thank you

in addition, although you can compress in ships other than mining ships, you cannot compress if your ship is tethered. nor can you compress moon goo in the station.
although it is reasonable that the compression ship (rorqual for example) would not be tethered. a freighter cannot lock the station to break tether, perhaps the activation of compression should break tether. AND the station with a reprocessing module should be able to compress moon goo, thx

Which ore was it? Because I think there’s one (unless they’ve fixed that) that wasn’t set right. Brimful Sylvite iirc.

It’s Brimful Sylvite

yeah, that’s the one ore they screwed up on. (I went and checked)

I believe it’s a known issue.

i am also curious why they created the extra box and extra clicks approach. maybe easier to code? although compression in the rorqual was simple, choose compress and boom, you are done. this seems clunky and awkward.

I’ve noticed issues compressing regular Pollucite and it not actually compressing it as well tonight.



not the right numbers i guess

So far Brimful Sylvite and Pollucite are identified as resources with a compression bug. I had no problems compressing other ubiquitous moon ore aside brimful sylvite

after the new changes is moon ore compression only to take place onboard? like with orca and rorqual? or can it be done in station. i tried to compress some zeolites but it doesnt give you the option at all

no. moon goo can only be compressed on ships, not in a structure.

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