Capital Ore, Mineral hauler

since the release of the new moon mining it has made hauling materials a pain in the rear. As the new moon ores cannot be compressed, this is making it so these items are very hard to sell on the market. If there was a capital ship that could move just ores, or minerals this would make it so much easier to sell these items.

Dude! You can get over 1million m3 in a freighter!

Though I’m surprised it cannot be compressed.

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I thought one can compress ice and ore if you find a station, which offers it. I’ve already compressed lots of ice this way. Are you saying ABC ores are excluded from compression?

By the way… why do you want to sell ores? Again, I don’t have all the details at hand, but last time I’ve checked does it actually pay to buy ores, refine them at maximum yield, and to profit by selling the minerals back into the market. Minerals then take much less space than the ores.

While you don’t get too much ore into a freighter can one easily load up a freighter with several billion ISKs worth of minerals. Isn’t that enough? Besides, when you load up a freighter with more than 1b ISKs of cargo will you likely just get ganked for it.

Sigh… use a freighter. Scared of the big bad bumping machs? Use a webber alt. Still scared? Find another profession.

Our mining ops in null literally involve 2 guys in freighters warping back and forth pulling from rorq’s fleet hangars. The high sec players that are just now getting this can do the exact same thing with orcas.

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In high you don’t even need the fleet hangar. Drop an EFC and you can fill it to max and scoop it to the freighter max tanked. It can get shield bonuses and remote reps from the orca to protect it as well as webbing to assist in launching away from the mining field with everybody’s help. Compress it all, stuff it into a can, make it a wrap contract to yourself and you can hide the goods from scans.

Why do you think single man ice fleets exist?

I can’t remember the last time I was in HS other than 3 years ago (or more at this point) when I forgot it existed and chased a gang in and died to CONCORD. And even longer before that lol

So as far as what exists in HS I’ve always just assumed it’s something like this

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You… didnt read his post, did you?

I thought I did. Let me read it again… Wants to compress ores, which can be done with a Rorqual and inside the new structures. Wants a capital ship to haul ores or minerals, which is what a freighter is meant to do.

What did I miss?

New moon ores cannot be compressed.

So you’re complaining about the lack of compression for the non-standard ones?

The ABCs you get from moons surely can be compressed, no?

And what’s wrong with the freighter or just refining the ores before hauling them to a market?


Maybe it’s true. You don’t read.

I thought I did, but if you think I didn’t then this seems to be rather unfortunate … for you.

Not at all. You asked a question, got an answer, made a stupid follow up.

All good as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully you learnt something (at least, an answer to the question you asked).

Oh yes. And you’re getting rude now, too. lol

Seems like you’re going to have a bad day.

Nah, not at all. Nearing 8pm for me. Was a great day.

If you think any of this is rude, you might want to HTFU a bit.

Oh I can handle rude, didn’t you see? Maybe you should go to bed.

Quit being a mongo. His post wasnt in reference to the ores that can obviously be compressed, but referencing the new ores obtained from moon mining that CANNOT be compressed. You know, things like Loparite, Monazite, Ytterbite.

You first, mate. We didn’t have compression before and so we couldn’t compress them and haul them off to Jita, which is a consequence of what OP wants. Instead, we had and still have to reprocess them in the system.

I get that it would make a bit of a quality of life feature to compress these directly in space and to get them quickly into high-sec, but you cannot ignore the consequences this will bring.

OP also hasn’t been clear on what it is he wants - faster hauling of ores or bigger hauling ships.

can’t be compressed because it is designed to be refined to compress. CCP stated this several times in the original threads about moon mining. Yet we some how still get people like this trying to move it w/o refining.

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