Hauling minerals/ore but without freighter (orca for hauling ?)

Hello good people :slight_smile:

Recently I got myself some taste of good ol moon mining. As I gain skills in refining ore, moon goo refinng becomes more and more vible option for me. But there is a problem -> transporting moon goo ore (can’t be compressed) and transporting minerals after refining (for sale or manufacture). Well, go get yourself a freighter:

Unfortunately Training for freighter at my current skillset will take more than a month and I need some transport options now.

So I came up with this idea:
I can fly orca. Buy orca no. 2 and fit it for cargo space. Simulations show that I can dish out 95k+ m^3 + 40k m^3 of fleet hangar of cargo capacity. Not bad considering 180k+ of ore hold and option to use containers to expand potential cargo capacity even more. Wait for freighter skills to catch up and use that ^ in meantime. Than sell orca and buy legit freighter.

My question for all You seasoned players is:
Are there any other ship-for-mineral/ore-transport options You can think of for char in my current situation?

My miasmos can do 54k in ore hold.

… and we are all very happy for You :slight_smile:

Now, about that options …? :wink:

Orca has 180k ore hold,
~32k normal cargo space
40k of fleet hangar space (can be used for whatever)
So if I was to haul only ore that’s 180k + 32k + 40k = 252k m^3 of ore vs. Miasmos 54k …
Miasmos is not an option, sorry.


Someone explain it to him plz.

I’m going to bed. C.U. in 8h.

Using an Orca - you would be largely better off hauling Compressed Ores instead. Citadels offer this service - which is not billable (currently). Using the Structure browser you are able to see which citadels have a refining and thus can compress ore. In the ideal, you should only need to refine just prior to manufacturing.

One of the Gallente tech1 industrial ships has bonuses for hauling minerals. (not the miasmos which is ore specific).

But I would highly recommend Deep Space Transports over their tech1 counterparts. Their overheat bonuses, in-built two warp stabilization and generous slot layout allow for significant tank/survival. At max skill, it is possible to carry 70k m³ and reach ehp up to 400k.


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