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So I’m brand new and looking to start a mining fleet. I was wondering if all ships can transport or in their cargo hold, or if you have to have an actually mining ship to transport ore. I was looking into buying a wreathe to transport some ore with. Would that work out?

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Any ship with a cargo hold can carry ore, but a ship designed for it will do better.
The only reason to haul in a combat ship is if you have to go to a very dangerous place.

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As said, any ship can haul ore. However, industrial ships have larger holds or may have specialized holds specifically for ore that are much larger than general purpose holds.

One other thing to look at is finding a player citadel close by that offers a reprocessing service. In addition to refining the ore into minerals, you can also compress your ore for free at these stations to dramatically reduce the size of your ore. You do not lose any mineral yield when you reprocess compressed ore, but this can make it a lot easier to haul larger quantities around.

A Wreathe is a good investment, but before you spend money on one, I suggest running the Industry Career agent for any (or all) factions, and you will get an industrial ship for free! It’s off topic, but running the Career Agents is highly recommended for new players. You get experience as well as some ISK and a few ships.


While it will function it is not the best ship for the job.

This one has the ore specalized cargohold but is gallente industrial, slower, and has different fitting options.

As already said don’t buy a Wreathe and do the mission to get a generic industrial ship to haul with first.


Another option is to compress your ore. Compression is 100:1 so you can haul in a Venture which is a lot faster than any of the industrials. Compression service is free at any public Citadel or Refinery. Use the structure browser to find a facility near you - look for the reprocessing symbol:

Note that NPC stations do not offer compression and should be removed using the Structure type filter.

A Venture can carry 5000 M3 of compressed ore which is equivalent to 500,000 M3 of regular uncompressed ore which could make you an attractive gank target - don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.


A Wreathe will definitely work fine, especially for smaller amounts.

However, If you are looking to haul a lot (which would be the case in a fleet setting that you mentioned), I would suggest to get the Miasmos instead; it is a Gallente industrial that is specifically designed to haul raw ore. It has an ore hold of 42k M3, which holds a lot more than a Wreathe that only has a little over 4k M3 as it’s base.

Hope this helps, and best of luck! Fly safe out there! :slight_smile:

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Tip from the grid: Ask fellow miners.
You are about to sit hours in belts and most times you won’t be alone if you mine in popular belts. So just start chatting in local, try to get fleet invitations and ask the veterans how they do the every day work. They are happy to tell interested newbros, and because you’ll stay there for a while, there’s enough time to get tips - and probably, after some days and repeated encounters, even a corp invitation to learn even more. Corps aren’t meant for life, so don’t be shy: You can always leave within two clicks.

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