Is it a good idea for a new player to be hauling ore to trade hubs?

As the title says I am a relatively new player who does some mining. I have a kryos available and will make 150,000 isk profit for each entire ore hold of ore to jita which is around 15 jumps away from me. However, Because i only have a venture I will be hauling a low amount of ore so obviously that = less profit. Is it worth it risking getting ganked? Will I get ganked? Will I get targeted because I am flying a ore hauler?


Find a closer space to sell it.
Consider how long to fly that distance vs how much you can make.


Kryos is a mineral hauler. Are you reprocessing your ore?

You would do better to simply find a public citadel that offers compression of your ore, it is worth more. You might even contact the citadel owner and see if he wants to buy your ore and/or check your local market and compare prices.

Find your “Structure Browser” in your Neocom menu and look for refining “services” in your area.

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If you’re looking to transport ore then you’ll need to get your hand on a Miasmos (specialized in hauling ore).

I would do as Wanda Fayne suggested; Compressing your mined ore and then check if the price is good in your current region, sell it there, else if you really have to transport it to a trade hub, you should do yourself a favor and “brick”-tank your Miasmos to at least give yourself some chances to avoid getting blown up while in transit to the trade hub.

You don’t actually need a hauler for compressed ore. Compression is 100-1 so 5K M3 of compressed ore (which will fit in your Venture) is equivalent to 500K M3 of uncompressed ore. The Venture is fast and agile - a lot harder to catch than a hauler would be.

You don’t need to take it all the way to Jita - buy orders in Perimeter are just as good and player structures have tethers which makes docking a lot safer.

The safest way to carry compressed ore is probably the Prospect (T2 Venture) since it can fit a covert cloak.

Okay, first of all, it’s not worth your time to take a hauler to jita for 150k extra isk. Remember, your time has value you too. Now, if the price difference between Jita and local exceeded the amount you could make mining (or whatever) then yes, you’d probably want to take it to Jita. Barring that, however, and you should look for someplace closer to sell.

There are different strategies for reducing your chances of getting ganked. Since you’re hauling ore, you’re probably going to want to maximize your tank to potential loot drop ratio -which will make you an unprofitable gank target (ganking ships cost money, and are guaranteed to be destroyed). However, Do_Little also brings up an alternative strategy of being slippery. It’s also a really good strategy, but you might want to hold off on training for that until after you’ve trained for a barge and polished your mining skills a bit. Regardless, check out this video on nodding ganks this video for more information.

Aslo, as others suggested, look into compressing your ore and hauling it in a miasmos (or a cloaky prospect). And if you’re reprocessing it, you should probably stop. You’ll likely get more for the unprocessed ore because players with much better reprocessing skills, reprocessing implants, and rigged structures will be able to much better reprocessing rates.

And finally, there are groups that mine out there. I highly suggest joining one of them if you plan on doing any significant amount. You’ll get boosts that increase your efficiency, they might do ore buybacks, they’ll share their knowledge with you, and because I think mining is boring on its own, and is best done with friends.

You are asking the right questions, that’s a good start.

I deal with a fair few alpha miners/industrialists. Many posters have already given good advice but just a few points. If you are hauling you are not earning, however you can offset that by trading between hubs to pay for your time. .

Use a Miasmos locally to pick up your ore and find a player owned station to compress your ore. Personally I prefer a Venture for hauling compressed ore with a fit that is balanced between tank and agility, as long as you don’t autopilot you’ll be fine. However if you are hauling a lot of value then use a tanked up Badger (~4000 m3), up to ~80k EHP. EHP isn’t everything but its a good start, carry a shuttle for forward scouting.

Know your prices, use , you can also spot bargains.

Know your route, use &, some times of the day are better than others.

If you don’t need instant isk, consider setting up a sale order in a hub or stocking it there until prices change.

Send me an in-game mail if you want some ship fits.

I’m not reprocessing I just thought that a kryos was a specialized mining hauler. Unfortunately I don’t have any T2 mining ships yet as they would cost me 20mil and right now I have 10. I am already compressing my ore. Thanks for the advice about ganking.

As a rookie, don’t be a lazy miner. Grab Salvager and get your Isk in a better way. Keep skilling frigates and do after abysses. There’s so much more to discover in Eve than spending hours on end doing very miserable jobs with even more miserable pay.

That is actually what I’m doing now!
But, I sometimes need a quick buck for new ships and new weapons so I can take down bigger ships and get more of that salvage! So on the side I mine and haul occasionally. Since I have quite a bit of compressed ore sitting around from the mining I’ve been doing in the past week (Saving up for some new weapons and hopefully a new cruiser and fittings for it and because I have a few industrials sitting around from hauling I decieded to ask if I would get ganked and whatnot because I normally just do lvl 2 hauling missions. Thanks for the career chart, I haven’t seen that before and will take a look at it :slight_smile:

You are welcome.

Most of the time the rule is: Gank value must be greater than the ships that are concorded.

As I said most of the time. But there are many who will/can gank you just for fun, there’s nothing you can do about it.

What helps is faster alignment, mwd + cloack => warp trick.

Or cloaky hauler later when you have enough skills

Or tanky ship which requires more effort. Don’t be to greedy :stuck_out_tongue:

Time is also crucial. Sometimes in the evening there is more peace, or directly after the downtime

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