High Security Ore/Industry Question

Hi all,

I’ve been a diligent miner in high security space for the past month, and I have amassed quite a bit of Veldspar and Plagioclase. I was wondering what I should do with all of it? I have been trying to learn and follow the market trends of the minerals/raw material, and I have also been looking for some ships to build and resell, hopefully at a profit. Regardless of all of this, I feel overwhelmed, and I am tempted to just compress and sell it in Jita 4-4.

What would you all recommend I do with it?



Just do this.

If you see some industry you can do to add some value, then go ahead, but probably with basic skills and access to highsec refining and manufacturing, you will only lose ISK. You likely will have problems finding anything consistently profitable, but it doesn’t hurt to look if you are interested.

At least that is the most rational option earning you the most profit for your mined ore.

I could go on about why industry is in a bad place right now, but that is beyond the scope of your question. But my recommendation is that If you are a miner and like mining, then just focus on that and sell the compressed ore now for the most efficient use of your time.


Thank you for the swift reply!

What you say is more than reasonable, and I believe that I will act on your recommendation.

Take care, o/


Where are the comments of those who have unhealthy obsessions with miners. :laughing: :v:

Sell it. With only two types of ore you won’t be able to produce much anyway.

Even if you want to try industry, sell your ore and buy minerals with isk you get. Especially when you don’t have reprocessing skills to get minerals from ore. You will be loosing isk by reprocessing own ore.

And things you mine aren’t free. If you produce something that is worth less than input materials from market, you are losing isk, your personal time and have negative impact on economy. Industry is probably hardest activity to get into.

You don’t need to do industry as miner. You don’t need to mine to produce stuff. Do things that are fun for you.

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