Sequence of ore mining?

I’m watching other miners, including fleets. The sequence of ores they mine doesn’t make sense to me.

They all seem to go for the Veldspare first, then the other ores working their way up the food chain so to speak (from the cheaper to the more expensive ores).

From a business POV that doesn’t make sense. Seems like you’d go for the more expensive ores and work your way down to the cheaper ores for max profit.

What am I missing? :thinking:


They’re probably going long on the Tritanium market. There’s a lot of speculation that as the wars in NullSec wind down and stockpiles of Tritanium deplete, the price of Tritanium will skyrocket - especially since the only source right now is HiSec.

I’d bet those miners are selling off the Plagioclase, Pyroxeres, and Scordite, and sitting on the Veldspar. That or they are compressing it and shipping it out to NullSec.


Sounds like an opportunity! :sunglasses: :moneybag:

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Maybe they are aspiring cooks.


I am fairly far removed from the current pricing of ores, but for anyone just getting started who does not know:

Be sure you are calculating the value of the ore based on its volume in cubic meters and not its value per unit.

The reason for this is because mining equipment will extract a number of units based on its volume. Veldspar, being the smallest ore type, will yield the largest number of units in a given time slice. Selling 10 somethings for a dollar gets you more than selling 1 something for 9 dollars, even though at first blush the 1 something seems more valuable if you don’t take into account it took you 10 times longer to get.

Again, I don’t know how the math works out, either at the time of this writing or the time of your reading it, but you should definitely do the math if you’re making these kinds of decisions.


A component that you must take into account is for high sec mining it’s about quantity not necessarily quality, there’s just more Veldspar around, less moving and less finding, just point and shoot.

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(reprocess is 50%. up to 75% does not change the order. Skip 1000 m³ or order first and ignore ore that has not remaining orders)


Because my main character produces frigates and destroyers, what I mine depends on what minerals I need to use my blueprints. Sometimes I sell ore to my corp. There is no strategy behind it. Sometimes if there is much more scordite in my favorite system, I mine that for my corp.

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Thanks for this, good info set even if data may be out of date. easy to duplicate

was made like 2 min before I posted it.

you can make a spreadheet for it, you just need the ids of the asteroids, the volume, and the requested volume for one compressed.

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The minerals I mine are free.


I admire those of you who keep a close eye on ore prices and have a strategy for maximizing your ISK per hour. Me, I just log in and play the game that is in front of me. While I mine I check market prices, but that’s about it. For me, New Eden is just a refuge from the pressures of RL. Even though my main character is a member of a corp, I don’t want to make my time here seem like an actual job. I have more than my fair share of stress in my RL and my RL job.

I play to reduce the amount of stress in my life. I’m content to be what I consider to be moderately wealthy rather than the uber-wealthy that most players seem to be shooting for. I make a profit on what I sell, and it’s fun that I can make a contribution to the prosperity of my corp, to the general New Eden economy and to the various power struggles going on in null. I assume those frigates I sell are being used in some war somewhere!


What if I told you most of the frigates I buy are reprocessed for more profit ?

can you come to dodixie? someone doesn’t know how to price frigates…

LOL. Too high or low?

Bargains sometimes can be had.

Ex: A Rifter goes for about 500k in my region. I picked up a Rifter the other day for just 50k! In fact I bought 2 (that’s all the seller had at the price) because I just couldn’t pass at that price! :upside_down_face:

Well, that’s fine. The customer can do whatever he or she wishes with the merchandise they have paid for. :slight_smile:


plag veld pyroxers scordite kernite omber. From order of most expensive to least expensive. If there’s no plagioclase then veldspar should be the next choice.

I dont think too many people mine for pure ISK per hour in HS, however. If you are actually building an internet spaceship its a huge PITA to mine only one kind of ore, transport ore, sell ore, transport more ore back.

And if you are selling, reprocessing is largely irrelevant. Compress and move on. No need for an additional Fenrir or whatever (transport? I forget the class name)

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Got to disagree with that.

In my region Veld is the cheapest ore while Pyrox and Scord are the highest.

IDK about your region, I was referring to the 4 hisec hubs.

Which are those?