Newest eve update hurts newer players

I am only 200+ days into Eve. I have concentrated on mining and mine in .6 space. I believe that the new update will hurt me for months to come. I do not have the training time and depth to immediately change my style of play. My only source of isk is selling the ore and ice that I mine. The ore in space is mostly likely going way down in value due to the new updates. Although the value of ice maybe going up, the mining competition for ice will go up too and i will get less ice. Also Ice is extremely hard for me get to get to trading hubs, so I am pretty much forced to sell my ice to the my corp’s OBBP. Feeling like this update is going set me back months, and I was just begining to feel like i had solid foothold climbing the EVE mountain. Now I am feeling like I have slid all the way down that mountain. Yes i know I can harvest gas and planet resources now and make isk, but i have no training for any of that and the ore in .6 space is now going to be worth a lot less. I feel like you guys are hurting me! Help! Suggestions?


Ummmm…the opposite is happening.

Out of curiosity, why is this so bad? Does your corp have a crappy buy back price?


Ill buy it wherever it is for Jita Price -10%


I think common ore price prices went up only in very term as builders scrambled to build ships under the old requirements. That will go away quickly. OBBP programs are generally 90% of Jita’s buy value, not sell price, so the isk i get from selling ore, or ice, to the OBBP winds up to be like 75% or so of Jita real selling price. Regular ore I can transport myself , after 200 days days into eve, to Jita to sell. Climbing the mountain isn’t an easy process for a new player. Transporting Ice, even compressed, to market can only done effectively with jump freighters. And jump freighters are way out of reach for newer players.

Theyve been going up for months before that as announced.

Those things are what I do all my EvE playing and more or less most of the last 10 years. what makes you think its going to change when you get older?

So you think that CCP decreasing mining yields and ore spawn rates, leading to less ore being procured, is leading to ore costing less?


You can ditch your dumb mining skills, and after about two weeks of training be making more money from combat and exploration than you were from being a menial wage slave.

You could make 2x your mining income running T2 abyssals with a navy cruiser with the only real training requirement being T2 weapons and weapon support skills (about 3-4 weeks of training total).


Stop mining?


Well, the game is in active development, so you need to be able to adapt to change (if not take advantage of it). I mean, it can be argued that most changes hurt newbros because their lack of skill, knowledge, and resources make it harder for them to adapt to changes. But what do you do? Stop developing the game, and let problems fester?

I know you’re relatively new, and that you just felt like you found your footing, but I highly, highly recommend that when you see changes, you start asking yourself how you might be able to benefit from them. And if you can’t figure out how to benefit from a particular change, try to watch what other players do to take advantage of the change. You may or may not be able replicate what they’re doing right now, but, it should give you insights into how to think about changes, and maybe even specific ways how you might be able to take advantage of future changes. For example, seeing other players make bank from speculation led me to start doing speculation myself.


Whilst it’s probably true that builders are making as many battleships as they can right now (i did), traders are likely expecting a long term price increase too and are buying up the minerals rather than just using stockpiles. Otherwise they could happily wait.

Your corps buy back sounds ok-ish. You need to remember that by using that service you’re saving time. Time you could spend mining. And you don’t have to keep a character in the market to modify orders.

Anyways, back to the original topic, i wouldn’t worry about ore prices just yet. But even if they do tank, consider moving to a 0.5 system and mining moon ores. They are definitely becoming more valuable.

Valid point, just discouraged a little bit, as those opportunities are things i have not trained yet.

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Yeah op…here is how this works.

You don’t charge jita price not in jita.

You sell it at discount in your region. Then people like me or Ramona buy it, bring in our orca or freighter and haul it out.

We aren’t low balling. We are not paying for your time haul to jita since its not going there in the first place lol. Give a discount to entice those like us to buy your ice and we deal with moving it after bought.

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You heard the man, CCP. He feels like you’re hurting him. Stop all the horses, can’t let this man’s feelings be hurt!!

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I read the economic report on a regular basis and I see no evidence to back up what you’re saying. Do you have any proof beyond your own perception?

Mining is a waste of time. You’re competing with massive amounts of bot activity and as such you will always be poor if mining is all you do.

9x out of 10x you cant even make the cost of a month subscription from mining meaning you’d be more profitable as an alpha clone and spend that $15 a month on plex to trade for isk.

Lots of folks are telling you to stop mining … if you like to mine and enjoy it, then do that and ignore them. Doing what you like to do is more important than making ISK. It is after all, a game.

As to what will happen. I think it is too soon to tell. CCP has more changes coming and some of those changes will be ‘dynamic’, so they say. So far we don’t really know what that means. The impact upon the markets is a best guess right now. For the short term prices will be volatile. Change tends to do that to markets.


Problem is that OP is complaining about isk from mining. Everyone suggest to quit mining because he care about isk not mining itself.

I would suggest setting up r4 moon in hisec. For now, prices are bit higher than most profitable ore in hisec.

As for the gas. It takes 30 mill and around hour to skill into.

but main issue is that OP is looking only at/for isk and nothing more. Mining is not right path in this case.

That may be, such was not explicitly stated, but I can understand why one could conclude that from the post.

Every change in eve is a chance. It will keep the game fresh for you if you try to adapt.
Maybe you dont have the skills right now but you could start getting those skills needed.
After that you can for example mine and do pi.
The game will now have more opportunities. Thats more fun.

Im playing since 2006 and have played probably for 5-7 years in that timespan.
Eve often gets boring if you just keep your playstyle forever. And most of the time trying out
new stuff will make you more money cause some people never will make this step.
So fewer people will be competing with you.

By time you will be able to do a loooot of activitys. Eve is probably the game with the most
different activities that also are worth spending time to.
Sometimes you will fall back to mining because its just relaxing. But you can do so much more.
200 days isnt to far into eve but its not to bad either. Actually it seems a decent time to get expirience in something new.
Dont be afraid to fail, cause eve without failing doesnt exist.
You will be a better player whatever you do after the new experiences. :wink:

And never forget: its just a game :wink: more important then isk is fun for you.

Eve market is based on RL Financial market. The Market a Very Volatile. CCP do some Updates to Create Fundamentals for the Market to be Volatile. I have few experience on Financial Markets so I understand what CCP are trying to do.

Perhaps you’re over complicating your analysis.

The MPI is the highest it’s ever been.

The price of ore in jita is higher than it was pre-announcement. Especially moon ore.