Is it really a good idea to nerf industry? Mining is the back bone of keeping this game’s economy going round. Also, is it true Rorqs wont even be able to finish a cycle before a roid pops? Lots of people will be very upset about this. Im on the fence. I only mine when i am really that bored. Im guess mining wont even be worth it any more? Why did I even buy a rorq?

Moons? Put them all in delve 100% of the time. Solved!

Mining is the lowest form of this game. Nerfing mining was the best thing since the blackout.

Park the rorq and grab a pvp ship!


Players will now have to use the Rorqual for it’s originally intended purpose. As a mining support ship and not a solo wtfbbqpwnmineeverythinginsight godmobile that it currently is.


I would like to see a balance in the game but it seems that ccps process of getting balance is just smashing things with a sledgehammer.


I’m just going to leave this here:



And here we have someone that still thinks all those lovely PVP ships and ammo magically appears on the market when they need to buy more.

Come on grow a braincell.

Indie is required to make all the replacements for lost PVP ships and ammo. Any idiot that thinks otherwise just wait till indie dies from nuffing and over ganking.

Most Intelligent Corp and Alliance CEO’s know this small fact and thus maintain fleets of mining ships and groups of indie players to help reduce PVP running costs.

So anyone that thinks EVE is solely PVP think twice about it.

NO INDIE, NO PVP! And NO PVP, NO INDIE, it’s a supply and demand situation.


As prices rise, other players would try industry. That will be great for newbies and beneficial for supply.


Dear CCP,

If your intention is to redistribute resources, then instead of killing it with paper cuts. Go into the database and just TAKE it from our hangers. It will be an instantaneous reset of resources, not this slow death into uselessness.

Thank you,

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There are no shortages of resources in New Eden. All that’s changed is CCP no longer delivers them to you on a silver platter - you need to invest a bit more effort to locate and harvest them. This will result in higher prices and the Rorquals will need to spread out instead of flying in multibox fleets.

There will be an abundance of salt for a few days and then people will figure out how to exploit the new paradigm and the game will go on - hopefully in a healthier state.


read the dev post linked above by Cyrrus:

"The plan consists of three phases:

Shortage phase
Re-distribution phase
Dynamic distribution phase"

We have just entered first phase. So wait before saying that rorquals will definitely be less useful etc. It will depend on the redistribution and dynamic distribution processes

Enjoy the price increase on all your pvp ships.

I’m an avid PvPer, but even I realize nerfing mining too much is going to make things suck for everyone, not just the miners…


A reduction in minerals means a reduction in supercaps and the supercap umbrellas, setting a stage more dynamic and MEANINGFUL pvp.

Less capital hot drops on a lone cruiser.

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They didnt reduce ore in WH space :stuck_out_tongue:

u do realize the umbrellas and super fleets are not disappearing right? The supers and titans are still there, and all it means is that the big blocs will have to open some of their caches instead of building new ones due to costs for replacements.

Sure, nerf mining and then you can’t buy the ships you need to pvp with. Good job! Now go back to class and learn how the system works. Without miners, there are NO T2 ships or mods. And in turn, that means your PVP abilities become crap.

In what way is Kernite in ANY variation equal to Crokite?!? Oh wait! It’s not! CCP! You done went and kissed your sister with this one!

Lack of t2 ships doenst mean my PvP skills suddenly dissapear.

I didn’t say skills, I said abilities. There is a difference.

Tell you what, you pick a T2 ship and ill pick a non T2 ship and well see who wins.

You do realize that it’s going to take some time for those stockpiles to diminish, and not disappear like magic, right?