Considering I’m a pure industrial pilot, that goes without saying. Again though, T2 ships have more abilities than T1 ships. Also, since you’re wanting to argue that skills = abilities how about this:

The definition of:
Skill: the ability to do something well; expertise.
Abilities: possession of the means or skill to do something.

They are not the same.

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Semantics aside, if all the industrialists leave good, itll finally open up some room for me to move in and start being able to build more of my own stuff. The best Eve players have used what was at their disposal not the biggest and baddest.

There’s plenty of room for you to do that now. What’s stopping you?

Null sec alliances.

Join one? It’s not that hard. Hell, I live in null sec.

I dont want to live in null.

Then those null sec alliances aren’t stopping you.

If it’s the T2 reactions you’re after that come from moon mining, you can get those in low sec too. If it’s the higher grade ores that give a lot more minerals, those spawn in low sec as well, granted, not as often.

Another idiotic idea just born in CCP HQ. Push all players to Null and Low because PvP blockhead need more canon folder. Just now industry is on the edge of profitability and they wont to nerf them more? Why CCP want to turn game to FPS?

this means all prices of matts will go through the roof and cause the price of goo to drop through the floor since they will be removing all moon versions of normal ores all high sec and worm hole moon mining will stop since nether mines moons for the damned goo ores which can’t be compressed for shipping

Clearly an opinion from someone who has no clue whatsoever… step awyfrom the keyboard and go pick up your crayons … Idiot.

Well, yeah. He’s wrong, but it’s not much of his fault. It makes sense to think that way, because mining - which is resource gathering, the single most important activity - is being hogged by lazy, barely playing mouth breathers who basically contribute nothing to the rest of the game except being targets. That’s just not enough anymore.

What’s also wrong is that miners see themselves as super important people, who seem to believe that only them would be doing mining, ever. They also appear to be thinking that suddenly everything is going to go to shits just because their income stream has been nerfed massively, which is the actual reason people complain about the change. The vast majority of miners definitely do not think or care about the greater good. It’s absolutely silly to assume they do and even the attempt of making this a point is ludicrous.

Truth is, though, that miners, especially the current crop of miners, are expendable. They’re easily replaced. Getting rid of the worst ones, rorqual miners, is a step into the right direction. Sure, it’ll impact the economy for a while, but it won’t kill it. Sure, it will make ships more expensive, but people aren’t exactly piss poor anyway.

Plus … you want cheap ships? Form a corp, go out there and mine them yourself. That worked really well at the beginning of the game and no one ever complained about it. They just went out there and mined whatever they needed for themselves.

There’s also a lot to argue for ships and modules that aren’t piss poor, because everything that’s piss poor is being perceived as piss poor and thus has no real value anyway. There’s no sense of achievement doing anything anymore in this game, because literally everything has become too easily reachable/achievable, even relatively speaking.

Better miners exist. Real miners, who want to create content doing it. Who want to piss off other miners to get into a fight. Who want to own whole belts and defend them against leechers.

I can actually sum this post up in a few lines.

What do you think is why CCP increased the connections to nullsec …
… making the game more dangerous especially for miners?

It’s because they’re supposed to be ■■■■■■■ off. That’s why.


Those extra connections will contain a lot of bored WH dwellers in the next few months though. Because when CCP fully rolls out this change by the introduction of the moon changes in March, a rorqual will be a rare sight in null. People will go back to aligned instawarp orcas instead with covetors. They arent stuck using indy cores so they will be in warp as soon as the first wormholer pops in local. So less content to be found.

The setting isn’t comparable to what we have now. Null miners can instawarp out all they want, they won’t be getting to hanging around too long in a specific place, so the fact that they’re forced to move around more will likely be providing content enough.

Alternatively, I’m sure, CCP will step in. Miners don’t have much of a choice anyway. When they stop mining, they will be replaced by other people willing to mine.

Not really. Yesterday we discussed this internally in Corp with the result that instead of many Rorquals some of them stay on the Grid at the biggest chunks for PANIC, Boost, compresses and the rest switch to Barges.

PANIC also applies to the rest of the barges, so for protection you still need them.

Insta Orca only works as long as you only use one ship for mining and there are no neuts in systems. We have permanently paid droppers in our systems, so this is no solution. Otherwise we wouldn’t undock at all.

I am a somewhat new Industrialist and even though there seems to be a lot of complaining i dont understand the Problem.

I started out with mining and now i just buy all the materials to produce my stuff and currently i fail to see why the change should affect me in a bad way. If i pay more for my materials i am just going to up the prices. That doesnt kill industry. Especially since it seems, that everyone complaining that it kills industry apparently seems to be a Miner not a Industtrialist. Also i fail to see the big Problem for Miners. Ores become more rare, the price rises so you can sell it for more.

Also i was kinda suprised when i learned that actually all Ores do exist in Nullsec anyway. Its seems to be odd, that you dont have to move Ores around all the time and can get everything from within your one system. This just doesnt make sense for the gameplay anyway.

Despite that i think this is going to turn out just fine for new players, might not be nice for those veterans doing captial ship mining in Null, but also the game doesnt resolve around you anyways.


You’ll be ok feller. The ones who are hitting the panic button are those whose income is only from mining and expect to log-in and instantly stare at rocks. If you are an industrialist then like me you will be rubbing your hands with glee at the new exciting opportunities the market will throw up.

These changes just mean that miners will have to adapt is all, no biggie, the ones who do will continue making isk. On top of that this is a temporary nerf and we don’t know what the rebalance will be.

Can’t find the ref/link but I heard next month the ice miners are getting it up the ass, if you think this was a sh1tstorm wait until that set of entitled a-holes start crying :slight_smile:


I just want the Trig patrols to visit ice anoms. That would put a dent in the high sec ice anom bot fest.


Just makes the (hisec) Ice Anoms behave/spawn like gas sites, that would solve a lot of the issues.

In itself a good idea. But then they should also check the remaining anomalies too (Combat/Artefact/Data sites) otherwise it is too obvious who it should meet :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they should just be able to show up anywhere. More action!