The newly nerfed ore anomalies

Was it on purpose or was it a mistake?


…about time CCP…just a note, you’re going to need to cut more.


Good morning to you.
I saw the patch, but I didn’t really understand it.
The minerals are reversed?

Because the c anything level quantity

On purpose, to stem the massive rorqual abuse that has been going on.


If that screenshot is representative of all none moon based ore right now then they didn’t just end the so called “rorqual abuse”. They made the rorqual redundant in front of just running an orca and hulk. Or just covetors.

Running a rorgual is extremely dangerous in null and very costly if lost. Excavator drones are very slow so the rorqual have to sit on top of the asteroid it mines. Running a cycle of industrial core isnt even going to be worth the small amount on each asteroid so not only does the rorq have to move constantly, it has a very long downtime while waiting for the core to spool down between moves due to the asteroid being depleted long before that. So why have one?

This was taken too far.


I think CCP wants to destroy eceonomy in game since they want to sell ships in New Eden Store for plex and thus make more money. They want to make this game for 7 years old shiny, blinky full pay to win game as if it was not already sigh :(.


It’s still faster with a rorqual than it ever will be for an orca or hulk. Plus moons will ensure that rorquals are never out of use.

Actually, if you have a good fleet defending or nearby, rorquals are actually more safe than orcas. They have far more tank and can repair more.

Yes, that is how all rorquals mine.

Of course it is.

The, what was it, 5000? 1000? Units of heavy water needed for mining is like 10k isk, while the ore is like 100 million.

It’s still going to be faster.

A t2 rorqual boosted hull gets around 75 m3 per second per strip miner, while an excavator drone gets around 35 m3 each. Just dropping down drones mines as much as a hulk, and if you activate the industrial core, you basically finish in the first few minutes, meaning you dont risk drones for very long.

For the larger ores, like the arkonor, you better believe it will be far faster with a rorqual.

So either way, its faster, and less risky.

Yes. Those damn rorqual pilots scrounging for their billions of isk of ore are clearly the most downtrodden of New Eden. They have been making tens of billions a week with mining, and now they can only make a couple billion a week. They are clearly the poor, peasants of eve.


Good morning to you too.

Whats not to understand?

Gneiss, Dark Ochre & Spodumain quantities reduced.

Pretty clear to me.


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Disagree with pretty much everything you said.

An orca with higgs can be perma aligned. Paired with a hulk that has same align as the orca it mines about 58m3/s with the orcas boosts plus the orca with higgs mining about 23 m3/s. This is with my skill levels for orca and hulk thats at max level. So in total 81 m3/s. Compare that to a max level Rorqual, properly tank fitted that mines around 126 m3/s. The Rorqual also needs a second account on grid with a cyno so it can be attempted saved if whalers come.

The rorqual can mine faster and that means something IF the asteroid mined has enough ore for it to be able to sit still and actually mine. If they are too small, like in this case, then the downtime from cycling core and moving will make the rorquals actually mine less than the Orca+Hulk combo at way more risk.

Here is what the colossal anomalies looks like now aparently. Nobody who knows what they are doing will ever take a rorq to roids like this. Everyone will try to cycle moons now instead to find any minable amounts that warrants the use of rorquals and that is just another buff to wormhole whalers that time null moons.

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Rorquals were intended to be mining support ships anyway, not a mining ship itself. I see no problem with the change. So nullsec miners can’t make 1926389 Billion ISK/hr anymore. Cry me a river…


Oh please…they’ve been raping NS for years and borking the economy for everyone else…THEY took it too far and CCP is finally reacting to it…a bit…



And a cloaky camper would pretty much ensure that you will not be able to do anything.

So in other words, the rorqual, mines more alone, than 2 other accounts combined? Thanks for proving my point.

Also i believe its more for Rorquals.

Even without Cyno, Rorquals can easily survive 5+ minutes, which is a lot of time, and plenty of time to log in an alt account, and cyno in, or call backup from the same system, or even a system over.

But even if that werent the case, most rorqual pilots have fleets of rorquals, so you just have to warp off one, switch ships, then cyno, which again, 5 minutes is plenty of time to do.

Compare that to an orca. With a cloaky offgrid, that deploys bubbles, youre pretty much screwed, which means you cant do anything with a cloaky camper.

And when you consider how you would need to warp the orca back and forth from the station back to the belt, because your ore hold becomes full because of lack of ability to compress, the orca becomes far, far less appealing.

No, everyone will just use 1 rorqual for compression, and hulks for the rest of the fleet.

Which is how Rorquals were intended to perform. They were never intended to be a fleet purely made of rorquals. They were always intended to be a single, or two, platforms, and hulks and other ships around it.


Dedicated miners will make the same amount of ISK as before. Little will be taken out of the economy. They will cycle moons. All this does is screw the small guys out there and removes content from the game as nobody will use anomalies any longer for mining, its too much micromanagement. It also makes progression in the mining field less relevant as there is really no point in investing in a rorqual if it wont perform better than an Orca except in very niche situations. In a world with anomalies like this, the Orca is the better mining support ship really when not mining moons.

Once CCP realises the above maybe they will nerf moons next. Im not sure you guys realise the consequences of that to the prices of goods for everyone in eve. Heck this Crockite change will make Nocx a huge bottleneck. Prices on especially ships will start going up steadily for most people not in alliances like Imperium that are sitting on piles of it.

Punch them harder!

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I mean, ore. Meh, close enough.

“They reduced all the ore volumes so now instead of there being enough for 87238737967 miners there is only enough for 54635487262 miners! This is outrageous!!!”

Hurr durr

P.S. - If this causes me to violate my “5 jumps max” rule I will actually be annoyed but I doubt it will so idc.

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It’s obvious. They want to make plexing an account harder so that you need to pay for omega with RL cash. duh.

So what?

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Again you are wrong.
The rorqual do not mine alone. It needs a cyno on grid for saves. At least in all decent alliances space. So two accounts for both options.

No people will not use a Rorqual as a boost ship for mining ops in anomalies. People will not go to anomalies. Mining in Eve today isnt fleets of people with singular roles. Thats a myth. Every miner wants to be self sufficient. They have their own Orca or Rorqual to have a fleet hangar to unload in with their covetors or hulks. Or they just us a rorqual if they dont want to pay for a third account. People in null alliances will rent more moons and cycle them on 4 week+ pulls then mine like they did before from moons, in rorquals.

The anomaly nerf will have little effect on the economy. The ore will still flow much like before, just now from moons. The effect it will have is making high end mining unfeasible for people outside of large null alliances that has umbrellas to protect their moons. It also rises the bar on getting in on mining as casual mining is now severely crippled. Thats all it will have accomplished and that is not good for the game. There is better ways to balance the economy.


Name 3…

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