The amount of ore in each stone decreased by 2 \ 3

At least in nullsec, after yesterday dt, the amount of ore in each stone decreased by 2/3. In all ore anomalies. In every stone. Large ore site, look at the column with the number of units in the stone.

Is it a bug or nerf mining?

Who knows, thank god CCP is good at communicating (lol)


There was a lot of publicity over the hypernet isk sink hole but very little about the nerf anoms.

While I dont agree with the non communication, I would be okay if its a small tweak to keep the market balanced. CCP, just needs to communicate.

The resources to make the spiffy new holiday filaments had to come from somewhere, right?

Not to fret. Pearl Abyss will probably soon release a gamble-for-ore feature. Or you can return an asteroid belt/anom to full yield by paying 100 PLEX per belt/anom.

Maybe this will finally give someone a reason to open a war or move mining operations into wormholes?

Awsome. TY ccp. Always good to know our fav activitys will be nerfed by 50% because we are having to much fun?

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Great news!
I hope it forces miners to split up a bit and encourage fighting over resources.

Are miner tears going to be called “Rock Salt”?


this is retarded lol…all this will do is make capitals crazy expensive again…and even further make having a rorq on field less and less worth the insane investment it takes to fly one

Threads linked

CCPlease also shorten the NPC Ratting bounties by half as an adjustment to mining.

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These threads are golden.

I’ll just leave this here:


I am BEGGING ccp. PLEASE stop trying to nerf nullsec. PLEASE. You are ruining eve for us. Why not make new rats that can kill supers? Why not make lvl 6 7 8 missions for supers and titans? Why not make Ratting anoms with all carriers that will take a fleet of supers and fax’s to give corps content instead of this 120m isk tick GRIND? Why not make special mining sites that require supers to defend them?

You constantly UNDO content instead of GENERATING more to FIX issues and u are RUINING moral. No one has faith in the dev’s anymore.

I stopped giving them money when the blackout crap was announced. Glad I wasn’t lured back because I knew their idiocy hadn’t reached it’s final form.

Good, it’s about time.

They increased the Minerals in Ore for NS waaay too much a few years ago, it needed nerfing back down to stop Null being as autonomous and easy as it’s become.


My only concern here is the sudden unannounced change. If CCP had either communicated or they had gradually reduced the yields - say 1 or 2 percent per day, then this would have been fine. But to make people wonder if it is a bug in the code, does not speak well of CCP, given the issues that already exist in the code base.

I understand the reasoning, not sure if it will solve the problems that CCP perceives exist.

I for one have a lot of unrefined ore siting in a station, because when I have a day off of work, I mine all day, just to have no-brains required activity. From a brain activity point of view, I treat it as human run boting. :sunglasses:

It means my activities over the holidays may actually be worth something, while I relax and stop having to think so hard mining.

But CCP - either gradually or announce it in the future.

Rock*. They’re not stones.

Why would you need to know in advance? There’s zero reason to.

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This was such a good change. Look at all of the greedy and selfish krabs crying about it.

CCP nerfed ore mining but buffed salt mining to compensate. Lmao

Spoken like a true irrelevant moron who has no idea what they’re talking about.

This is a welcome change by almost everyone who has more than three braincells and is not a greedy selfish krab. We’ve been asking for this kind of change since 2017, man. It’s finally happening.

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