Bugged ore Anomaly

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Hey, since there is still no fix to the since 2 todays bugged ore anomaly, i am trying it here and hope you will see it.
This is definetly a bug because it makes no sense, why a Enormous is more worth then a Colossal or a Large Belt is near same vaule like a colossal: here are the facts:

Colossal 1.7b refined value, 7.500.000m³, 5h respawn time

Enormous 2.2b refined value, 10.300.000m³, 4h respawn time

Large 1.75b refined value, 7.600.000m³, 2h respawn time

Medium 2.04b refined value, 8.800.000m³, 1h respawn time

Small 1,6b refined value, 6.600.000m³, 20min respawn time


CCP please fix it already

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definitely something is wrong

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Мунпайер мы с тобой!!!

The value of the belts are dependant on which ore and their quantity available, meaning the value of belts are governed by the market prices on minerals. The way belts are designed is on the varity and quantity of ore in each type of belts, not on the combined values of the minerals you get from them. Not a bug, it’s just how the market for the minerals is.

Atleast that how I think they are designed :smile:

nooooooooo… REALLY???^^
ISD, do you ever mined in nullsec?

it dont look like a nerf, its looky like a heavy BUG…

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CCPlease also shorten the NPC Ratting bounties by half as an adjustment to mining.

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