Ore Regeneration

Did CCP nerf ore regeneration without us knowing?

They have made numerous nerfs in the last 6 months or so. We know about those. Do you think they have gone further than that? I haven’t really noticed any difference in the last couple of weeks.

i notcied today that the rocks i normally mine have more M3… today they had half a cycle with orca boost ;/

No, botting on the rise since the trig scouts are gone.

I just saw a guy popped up from nowhere when the trig invasion started, with a charon, 3 hulks and an orca.

What you are seeing is probably some guy or two mass harvesting the belts.

over the last three days or so I have found zero veldspar

Belts respawn at downtime. Since Tritanium has essentially tripled in price over the past few months, it doesn’t surprise me that highsec belts are cleaned out within a few hours. This is amplified by the number of people currently working from home and the fact that the Raznaborg threat has been removed.

I suspect that consumption currently exceeds production and the rising price is encouraging people to sell their stockpiles. Not sure how long it will take to reduce stockpiles to the point where CCP decides to end the scarcity phase and talk to us about redistribution.

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It only doubled…

Rising price? Price was static for last 2 months. Is starting to fall for now, but who knows what is in the store next. The more systems are turned trig-sec and the more hisec islands are created the more will price start rising.

Except it hasn’t… it had a good run starting in December, but has been steadily declining since April and currently down 30% from the 360 day high.

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