HELP with the new ore / mineral distribution

I’ve got about a billion in ore (current prices) saved up right now. Trying to decide if I should sell now, reprocess now, or just hold on to it. What’s everyone’s take on ore prices?

Whatever you can only mine in lowsec is going to become the new premium ore. Tritanium is going to saturate the market in a week. It will take a long time for nullsec to realize that their ores are going to drop in value too, due to their expansive mining operations.

This is assuming Jita prices are what you care about. If you have a stockpile of tritanium in null then you probably want to hold on to it - I don’t know much about jump freighters, but it has to be a pain to haul trit out to deep null.

Your existing ore will change to the new composition once the patch is deployed. The market has already reacted to the changes - I don’t expect another spike when the change goes live. The short term impact on prices will depend on stockpiles and whether people are willing to liquidate those stockpiles or holdout for a higher price.

Longer term, mineral prices should rise - at least until CCP announces the next phase - we know this rebalance is not done and we’ve been told this is as bad as it gets - the next step may not result in price increases.

To compress and sell, refine and sell or hold likely won’t make a lot of difference in the short term. Longer term you can probably make a bit more by holding - if you get the timing right!

That’s the annoying part, who knows what the next changes will bring. Thanks for the input!

After looking again, seems like Omber and Scordite are the only one that really affects me. Guess I’ll reprocess all I have of that before the change. I mostly just mine Plagio and Veld otherwise.

Reprocess before the change. As stated above the market already reacted, sell what you dont need. Trit may raise in value in nul, but I doubt it, moving trit heavy ores isn’t that hard for the nul empire logistics.

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