Seen veldspar prices?

In all the years I’ve been playing Eve, I’ve never seen veldspar as high as it is now.

Mine your own veldspar, its free this way. :smirk:

It’s almost like people blew 50 titans up in the last fortnight or so, and now they need to replace them (or more accurately replace the spares which have already been issued to people)


Yeah, it’s almost as if there is some major war going on involving all the major (and even minor) power blocks of Eve.

Anyway, yeah, I get that the war would naturally drive up prices of things. I’ve still never seen lowly veldspar ranked above so many other ores. It’s always at the bottom.

Uh no. Omber has been at the bottom for about the last 10 years.
Veld has always been somewhat close as far as highsec ores go. At least ever since the shuttle stockpiles of trit from when you could make trit from thin air that way got consumed.
I agree it’s climbed higher up the ranks lately though.

Scordite and some of the others have always outranked Veldspar in highsec, at least most of the time. Can some mining historian chime in and confirm or deny this?

Anyway, currently it looks like Veldspar is even outranking a lot of nullsec ores, which I’ve never seen.

That’s because Nullsec ores crashed about 2 years ago, rose a little when CCP intervened to save the Nullbears and their infinite anoms and crashed again when Rorq rebalance hit.

Are you saying that the best mining is in highsec for a couple of years now?

Lowsec is actually what was winning out for quite a while.
Highsec was equal to Null for a while though if we ignore the superior boosts from a Rorqual & the superior mining speed now from said Rorqual also.

When I started in 2013, massive scordite was where the ISK was at in highsec (Unless you were in amarr space, then Kernite was better)

Now scordite is trash tier.

Note: Damn, even Bistot is worse than scordite O.o

tldr: Mine Monazite bois :stuck_out_tongue:

Note how Spod is now the top ore (other than Merc obviously) and laugh madly if you ever stockpiled spod of course.

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