Nerffed or Errors

Why after paying my £89 all my Mining Haunts now only have Scordite or Veldspar No Plagioclase Or Omber?

If you all think that this is normal Game Play then the Gameplay is Rubbish.

What is it? are you all part of the EVE Brigade?


Because you picked overpopulated systems and someone beat you to all the Veldspar.

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Why did you not check before you paid out the money if that was your only interest?

@Brun_Warbear i suggest you read his post as you obviously had not when you repled.

It could be worse: currently I’m getting more for Veldspar than I would for either Plagioclase or Omber.
For quite a while, Veldspar has been quite a good little earner on the few occasions I think of mining.

There’s irony in a character called True Grit making this complaint…

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Sorry my brain automatically corrected the OP because obviously nobody would waste their time mining Omber when Veldspar is the most valuable belt ore in high sec and Omber is pretty much the most worthless resource in the game.

Some people still think that because it has a higher per unit price that’s it’s worth more without taking the m3 into account.

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Plagioclase 333.84 isk/m3

Veldspar 290 isk/m3

On side note, omber is worst ore in new eden with only 143 isk/m3

Feel free to argue the actual numbers, but you cant argue the percentages.

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Source of this? Or it’s just your personal sheet?

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